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chubby cheeks

If beauty wants to make a first impression, it has no other way but to use face! Studies have revealed that the first love is 92% based on the facial features.


Some people in their desperation to have a chiseled face go a little too far that their face end up looking bony and unhealthy. Trying to get chubby face or cheeks does not mean piling up fat on your face, rather it means toning facial skin in a way that gives a younger and more healthful appearance to it. EHC brings you simple ways to achieve chubby cheeks with the help of exercises and tips that will help you plump up your facial muscles and make your face appear fuller and more radiant.

Apart from maintaining an active lifestyle, you need to increase the intake of some foods to add that chubbiness on your cheeks. Food items like honey, olive oil, apples, carrots, milk, cheese and oats are known to make your skin supple and your cheeks chubby.



Butter-sugar paste – Make your cheeks chubby by applying a butter-sugar mixture every day, prior to taking bath. Place some butter and a bit of sugar in a small mixing bowl and mix them until the sugar dissolves and is smooth. Pin up your hair at the back or top of your head and wrap it with a towel. Now, dip your fingertips in this mixture and apply them on your cheeks, avoiding your ears and eyes. Leave it for a while and wash off with mild water. Apply this mixture every day until you get the desired results.

Apple – Crush a fresh apple and apply it on your cheeks with gentle circular strokes. Repeat this method per day and get chubby cheeks within a few weeks.

Olive oil – Regular intake of olive oil along with diet is one of the time-tested methods to consider when eager to get chubby cheeks.

Lemon juice – Take a bowl and place three properly peeled slices of apple and three slices of carrot in it. Top the fruit wedges with half cup of freshly extracted lemon juice and drink it early in the morning to get chubbier cheeks. Gulp this mixture on daily basis.

Aloe vera – Apply some aloe vera gel on your cheeks or drink one glass of aloe vera juice until you get fuller looking chubby cheeks.

Honey-papaya paste – Both papaya and honey are useful ingredients to develop an amazing fat layer around your cheeks to give them a chubbier look. Mash a few slices of ripen papaya and add in one spoon of honey. Mix both ingredients until a thick paste is formed. Gently rub this effective paste against your cheeks with your fingertips. Let the mixture sit on your cheeks for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Apply this mixture every single morning.


cheek pulling


Cheek-puff exercise – It is one of the simplest cheek exercises. Inhale air through your mouth and puff out your cheeks smoothly, closing your lips firmly. Hold the air in your cheeks for around 5 seconds and then exhale it out slowly. Suck in air once again and hold it in your right cheek this time. Hold it for 5 seconds and then shift the air to your left cheek. Hold it for another 5 seconds and release the air lightly. Repeat this easy exercise every day until you get round cheeks.

Tongue-in-cheek push exercise – Close your mouth thoroughly and push your tongue against your left cheek, moving it up and down for ten times. Now, relax for a few seconds and close your mouth again. Push your tongue against your right cheek this time and again move it up and down for ten times. Repeat this facial exercise 10 times per cheek.

Pucker exercise – Pucker your lips, imagining that you are going to kiss your loved ones. Hold this simple pose for at least 5 seconds and then let it go smoothly. Do this nine times. In another type of pucker exercise, pucker your lips again and move it from right to left side of your face, keeping your tongue at rest. Repeat this exercise 10 times a day.

General Tips

  • Avoid smoking and drinking, both of which can cause skin to lose elasticity.
  • Drink a lot of water (the usual 8 glasses per day) to keep the cheeks chubby.
  • Take a deep breath through your mouth and hold the air in your mouth as if you were about to play the trumpet. Try holding on to this pose for 30-60 seconds and then blow out the air gently. This is the simplest way to work your cheek muscles and jawline.
  • Put the heels of both palms on each side of your face at the top of your cheek bone and smile as wide and full as possible. Hold this contraction and use the heels of your hands to press on the muscles of your cheeks that tighten when you smile. Hold this position for a count of 10 and relax. Perform this exercise in the sets of three.

We do not pay much attention to our face during our fitness routine. Actually, our facial muscles are as responsive to exercise as our body muscles. You can rejuvenate the elasticity and natural collagen of your face by doing simple facial workouts daily, which in turn will help you smoothen the sunken areas of your face, thereby giving you a more youthful glow.


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