For Men – Five Urologic Disorders which Needs an Urologist’s Help

men urology

Urology is a branch of medical science which focuses on the diseases of the female and male urinary tract and male reproductive organs. 


Urologic disorders can affect men at any age.  Here are 5 urologic disorders in men that need an urologist’s help. 

1) Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction also called “impotence” is a condition in which a man is unable to achieve or maintain penile erection. According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 30 million men in the US have erectile dysfunction and nearly half of the men over 75 years of age experience erectile dysfunction.


Causes: High stress, relationship problems, extreme fatigue, performance anxiety, alcoholism, diabetes, obesity, and diseases of the prostate gland.

Treatments: Administration of medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levita.  Other treatments are daily exercise, weight reduction program, stop smoking and drinking.

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2) Urinary Incontinence

An individual who suffers from urinary incontinence loses the ability to control the function of the urinary bladder, it could be partial or complete.  Urine starts leaking involuntarily.

Causes : Diabetes, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, prostate problems.

Treatment: Spacing out fluid intake, stay off coffee, tea, sodas, and alcohol, cut down on spicy or acidic food, use relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga, medications, and surgery for severe incontinence.


man having pain when urinating

3) Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) 

If a man experiences dysuria  (pain with urination) along with urinary frequency and urgency, it could be urinary tract infection.  Urinary tract infection rarely occurs in men below the age of 50.

Causes: Poor hygiene, diabetes, intercourse with multiple partners, kidney stones, heavy use of antibiotics.

Treatment: Drink lots of fluids, keep away from alcohol and tobacco, urinate just after intercourse, and keep the genital area clean.

male infertility

4) Male infertility

When a male is unable to cause pregnancy in a fertile female, he has fertility issues and it is termed as male infertility.  Male infertility is another reason for men to seek an urologists help since it occurs commonly due to the quality and quantity of the semen.

Causes: Undescended testes, injuries to the testes, side effects of medicines, genitourinary infection, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, pituitary tumors, steroid abuse, or failure to ejaculate.

Treatment: Semen analysis, physical examination, testicular biopsy, surgery, and hormone treatment.

penis bending side

5) Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease makes the penis bend sideward or upward because of scar tissue or plaque formation inside the penis.  Men with Peyronie’s disease can still have intercourse but for some, it will be accompanied with pain.

Causes: Repeated injuries to the penis.

Treatment: No treatment needed but in severe cases, surgery or medications are used.


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