Food Allergy – Can it be removed???

food allergy

When we saw someone eating a delicious food, it’s a natural thing that saliva will flow from our mouth. When get chance we surely will eat that particular food.


But there is a major group of people who will think about the adverse allergic symptoms that cause by eating it and will remain that wish in their mind itself. Are you also one among that group? Are you Suffering from food allergies and skipping your favorite food??


Food is the substance that will be converted to various components when taken orally. It is the substance that can give sufficient amount of energy for our life. It is a custom that we are taking food when we become hunger and tired. So food should give energy to our body. But some time it happens that we get very much tired after taking food. In other words some people feel the energy in their body is gone down after taking food.


Food allergy

The adverse reaction triggered by taking a particular food is called as food allergy. Even though there are some foods like egg, milk, meat, Shellfish etc have more chance for creating allergy, any food can cause it.

Food allergy will be manifested in our body in many ways. Let us see some of its effects.

  1. As we told earlier if we are allergic to food, it will act in a negative way in our body. For example if we have 50% of energy in our body, and its noon time. We then went to take our lunch. Suppose the lunch contains 40% of energy. If your body is allergic to most of components of it and you have taken that food. After eating the food, it will reduce the energy level in your body. You feel very tired because the food had created negative impact in your body. Besides increasing the body energy, it had caused the reduction in energy level.  It is a common thing that some person feels very much tired and week after food for a long time. It is due the allergic response happened in your body reducing your energy level.
  2. It is a usual complaint of some parents that even though their child taking regular food, she/he is becoming lean and lean every day. It may happen to adult also. Unless it is the genetic constitution of the child, then most probably it will be due to the allergic response to food leading to poor absorption of nutrition from food. Body will grow only when it gets the proper nutrition and that too absorbed well into the body. So food allergy cause stunted growth.
  3. Next main thing is the allergic diseases or symptoms caused by the adverse reactions of the food. We can see immediate or delayed allergic response in individuals.  It depends upon the type of allergen and the site of organ in which it develop.

Immediate means the symptoms will develop soon after taking the food. Here the patient can understand the cause of his problem clearly.

Delayed means the complaint will develop slowly. In this case it is difficult for the people to understand the cause of the particular food allergic disorder.


fuzzy with food

It may be any component in the food or the whole food itself become allergic. [For example a person is allergic to meat, if in any time he becomes allergic to the iron component in that meat. That means allergy to iron component itself leads allergy to meat as a whole in future].  When a person becomes allergic to a particular food, it will retain in the brain or memory of that individual. Brain will remember the past experienced allergen when again we come in contact with it.  It is the reason in which a food allergy will repeat when it come in contact with the substance again even though we have taken it in some other form. [If a person is allergic to egg which is producing sneezing, he can develop it when he takes the food that contain milk like cake or bakery food. That means it is not necessary that he must take egg itself to develop symptoms, but substance that contain egg is sufficient. So it is better to treat and remove it from our body than avoiding it.


Symptoms of food allergy usually depend upon the particular organ that is prawn to be affected by the allergen.  It may range from mild sneezing to even severe cardiac pain. But the common system in the body that will affect by food allergy is gastro intestinal system, Respiratory system and skin.

The basic allergic symptoms are itching, sneezing, pain, weakness, Mal nutrition, discolorations on the body etc. Food allergy may cause various diseases like sinusitis, eczema, various skin lesions, constipation, Diarrhea, headache, Allergic rhinitis, Asthma, Recurrent infections in children etc and many others.


Treatment depends upon the cause of allergy, type of symptoms and extent of severity of complaint. Sometimes people will think it will be easy if I avoided that particular food to escape from the allergy. But it won’t happen always. Because when we become allergic to a particular food, symptoms will show even when we ate food that contain that substance. People will accidently consumes it and the disease will continue.

So next easy thing is to treat it and remove from the body. NAET Allergy elimination therapy has answer to this problem. It will first treat and remove the allergies in components of food followed by the complete food allergy itself. Food consists of following components like Protein, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Sugar, Iron, Vitamin A, Trace minerals, Yeast, salt carbohydrate, fats etc. Tendency to allergy in the food components are find out first using a simple technique called Muscle response testing {MRT]. This is followed by treating and removing the specific food allergy. It is a happy thing that you can safely take that particular food without allergic symptoms after successful completion of treatment. So you too can enjoy the tasty food without allergy. And you won’t need to keep the desire for food as a dream only in your mind.

Wish you an allergy free Life…….

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