Fingernails – Do they give away your Personality

finger nails personality

Personality is defined as the individual divergence among people in behavioral patterns, cognition [learning and reasoning], and emotion [feeling].


Analyzing an individual’s personality by applying his/her physical characteristics has been around for time immemorial and comes under phrenology, also called the science of mind. Phrenologists use the shape of the skull to determine an individual’s personality.  There is an additional branch in phrenology which studies the shape and length of the fingernail and finger to determine an individual’s personality.


Fingernail shape dish out a lot about your personality

Does the shape of your fingernail fit any of these, if so read on.

type of nails

  1. If you have a long nail, you negotiate stressful situations with an even temper.  You are highly romantic and farfetched in thoughts.  You have a keen eye for details and everybody loves you for your well-disposed character.
  2. If you have a broad or wide nail, you lose temper faster and can be easily aroused to anger. Your approach towards others is square and clear-cut.  You can identify deceptive people from miles away.
  3. If you have a round nail, you are the happy-go-lucky character, independent and not easily influenced by the thoughts of others.  As you are calm and sociable, your friends like you.
  4. If you have a square nail, you are gifted with patience.  You are the sober kind and not so flexible character.  This could keep people away.  Make little changes to your disposition, your friends will like you.
  5. If you have a triangle-shaped nail, you are endowed with an astonishing eye for details.  What others miss looking, you get it.  Creative by nature, you are sensitive to people who brag.  
  6. If you have the almond-shaped nail, you are loyalty personified.  You are sincere and polite but highly sensitive and at times, tend to get short-tempered.  You have a steadfast and unshaken conviction for things you endorse and can handle difficult situations with ease.
  7. If you have a sword-shaped nail, you are a hard-worker and you tend to go that extra mile to reach your goal. Sometimes, you get impatient with people for the reasons you know but they don’t; caution should be exercised on this as this might work against you.  Everyone likes to be in a comfort zone but you are not one among them.

Finger length says a lot about your personality 

To try this personality test, your left hand palm should be held up facing out and observe the picture depicted below to find to which category you fall in – A, B, or C


height of nail finger

A)  If you fall under the category A, your ring finger is longer than the index finger.  You are very practical, but at the same time irresistibly charming.    You tend to get aggressive at times.  You ease out of difficult situations with not much effort.  Compassion runs in your blood.  Your professional life is good.

B)  If you fall under the category B, your ring finger is shorter than the index finger.  You are self-confident and the no-nonsense type.  You tend to show social isolation but not at all an introvert; this is because you love to work and accomplish things alone.  You are highly goal oriented and ambitious.

C)  If you fall under the category C, your ring finger and index finger are equal.  Confrontation is not in your dictionary.  You are the peace loving kind.  You are a caring partner and that to a faithful one.  You get irritated if you are provoked constantly and unnecessarily.


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