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extended hand love

Hugging, caressing, stroking… hands can do a lot of stuff while getting intimate. Now the question is “do you use a lot of your hands?” If not, it is time to bring your hands back in action. Hands can add so much creativity to sensuality.

Women really like to be teased, and hands are an important part of that intensity building. To stretch a bit, your hands are capable of such exiting stimulation that your penis is not capable of. You just need to know how to use them. EHC looks at some stroking techniques using your hands.


Trace her body

Act as if you were an artist, drawing every edge and crease of her body with your finger. Trace the border of her lips, her soft inner thighs, the roundness of her breast, hit every inch of her, with a soft, barely-there touch. Not tickling, but your fingers maintain contact with her skin, but very lightly. Save her nipples and clitoris for last, and even then, approach her warm spots slowly.

Spread her lips

Spreading her lips with your fingers makes her feel more exposed. For most women, that level of vulnerability heightens the excitement. The more ways you are interacting with her, the more it appears that you are enjoying yourself. Another way to occupy your hands during mouth play: grab her hand and give it a quick squeeze.

Hold her face while kissing her

Kissing is also about touch. Holding her face while you lock lips shows that you are fully engaged. You are pulling her in and helping her feel safe. Using your hands can make the experience more memorable.

Write her a sensual note

When we feel valued and known, we feel connected. That is where intimacy comes from. So leave her a note on her nightstand or bathroom mirror; it can be as simple as “I love you” or as sensual as “Thanks for last night. That was amazing.” As cliché as it sounds, those few words will leave her thinking about you all day long and ready for a repeat performance.

Stimulate her

In a recent Australian study, 71 percent of women who had an extreme pleasure during their last encounter said they combined manual stimulation and bed play . Your natural sensual position for getting her off: spooning. You have easy access to her organs from the front. Plus, in this position, you are less focused on thrusting; your bodies are super close, so the amount of work is minimal, making it easier to establish a rhythm when stimulating her.

Play with her hair

When she is going down on you, stimulate her by playing with her hair. When we have our hair brushed or touched, it is a very connecting experience. It illustrates empathy.


Manual play is important for women as it can be truly an extreme experience. This is because it often hits hot spots a lot more easily than penetration does, making it easier to achieve extreme pleasure. However, you will probably need to show and tell your partner just what gives you pleasure, be sure to speak up if his strokes aren’t hitting the spot.

Your hot spots

Women have erogenous zones all over the body, and it is most pleasurable if your partner caresses lots of different areas, such as your neck, thighs, or breasts, before he starts on organ massage. When you relax and start to enjoy it, then he can move on to stroking your ext organ.

External organ stimulation

Indirect stimulation of this spot is often the most arousing, direct touch can feel too intense, and can be painful. You might have to stop full-contact pressure, and encourage your man him to gently stimulate your female external organ with his fingers through your panties, or use his hand to rub across the expanse of the internal organ.

Two-handed technique

For intense pleasure, ask your man to use both hands simultaneously. The following hot spots yield fantastic sensations when stimulated in combination: the pelvis and organ, the perineum and the opening, and the external organ and  spot. He will need two hands to explore your anal area while simultaneously massaging your external organ. Simultaneous anal and external stimulation is a fast-track to extreme pleasure.

Gentle strokes

Take your time over these strokes. Your man needs to spend a while stroking your body before heading to your genitals. Let him stroke your inner thighs and massage your external area. Once you are feeling wet and fully aroused, then move his hand to your organ. His index or middle finger is more than enough to stimulate this little hot spot, and the pressure he applies is up to you.


Turn up your pleasure factor, and give him a demonstration of how to stimulate your spot. Open your thighs wide make a come-hither motion with your finger, then slip it inside your female organ and make the same motion to find your spot. Now it is his turn. For the deepest extreme pleasure, ask him to apply pressure to your spot and externals together.

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