Exercises for Knee Strengthening

knee exercise

Knee pain and knee-related discomfort are pretty common with most of us and many of us ignore the signs until the pain reaches an unbearable level. 


Then we scramble to treat it with various schools of medicine; some relieves it and some may not. Knee strengthening exercises can be used to help relieve knee pain and sometimes even prevent various causes of knee pain. Whenever there is weakness in the knee muscles, it means the knee joint is less well supported, resulting in more weight going through the bones, therefore making knee problems much more likely.

Do you know that when you simply walk up stairs, the pressure across your knee joints is four times your body weight? Like a rusty door hinge, with care and maintenance, you knees can be trouble free. Even if you already experience problems, exercising the muscles surrounding the knee joints— Quadriceps (front of thigh), Hamstrings (back of thigh), Abductor (outside thigh), and Adductor (inside thigh)—will help make your knees stronger and less susceptible to injury.


EHC brings you these videos on exercises that will keep your joints from stiffening and provides needed support, make movement easier, and reduce pain.



Image courtesy: jointandspine.com

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