Easy Anti-Acne Treatment At Home


Homemade gram flour face pack is also useful in reducing Acne Scars naturally. To prepare this face mask, mix one teaspoon of rose water, one teaspoon of buttermilk and a pinch of turmeric powder in two teaspoons of gram flour. Apply it on face and then rinse it off with warm water after 15 minutes. If buttermilk is not available then use raw milk.


Prepare a homemade face mask for Acne Scars removal by mixing one tablespoon each of sour cream, yogurt and grinded oatmeal and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on face and wash it off with warm water after ten minutes. You can follow this scar treatment up to four times in a day.

Lavender oil, rosehip seed oil, olive oil and aloe vera gel are excellent home remedies to get rid of Acne Scars fast. Regularly apply any of these natural cures on skin to diminish Acne Scars over a period of time and make shin healthy.


Application of dilute apple cider vinegar serves as one of the most valuable natural home remedies to get rid of Acne Scars fast. It can be diluted by adding four parts of water in one part of apple cider vinegar.

Mix two teaspoons each of fuller’s earth and lemon juice and add some water in the mixture to make a paste. Apply the resultant mixture and leave it for about 10-15 minutes until it dries. Finally, wash it off with cold water. Use this natural cure a couple of times in a day for natural Acne Scars removal.


Lemon juice is a popular Acne Scars home remedy. Just apply the juice on affected areas for about 10-15 minutes to cure Acne Scars naturally at home. Do not overdo any of these Acne Scar treatments or else it can give rise to skin irritation.

Apart from following the natural home remedies to get rid of Acne Scars fast, take a proper and healthy diet with special emphasis on carrots, apricots, tomatoes, spinach, soya, corn, yogurt, milk and other such foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin E and zinc. Besides, drink sufficient water to keep your skin healthy, smooth and radiant.

Leaving lemon juice on skin for about 10-15 minutes is one of the best natural home remedies for getting rid of acne scars.


Fresh tomato juice is loaded with antioxidants and hence helps a great deal in fading acne scars. Application of a mixture of tomato juice, cucumber juice and milk powder is also useful in removing acne scars and pimple marks considerably.

Apple cider vinegar when used as a toner after cleansing works wonders in acne and acne scar removal. It is better to use it in diluted form by adding 4 parts of water in 1 part apple cider vinegar.

It can also be taken internally as a home medicine by having a cup of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of ACV and some honey (to improve taste); it is useful for detoxification as well.

Applying mint juice extracted from about 10-15 mint leaves serves as an efficient natural remedy to get rid of acne scars.

Massaging the face with manuka honey for about 10 minutes daily is helpful in getting rid of acne scars naturally. You can use cocoa butter too.

Prepare a paste by adding a few drops of rose water in sandalwood powder. Apply it on face and neck for at least an hour and wash it off. You can also leave it on skin overnight to heal acne scars naturally.

Add 2 teaspoons of gram flour in a teaspoon of buttermilk and apply the mixture on the affected areas for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wash it off with lukewarm water to make acne scars disappear.

Using sweet almond oil on skin helps reduce acne scars with lumpy appearance. It works by smoothening the raised lumps and promoting even skin tone. Follow this simple home treatment two times on a daily basis.

If you have extensively researched how to remove acne scars, you must have come across the use of egg mask for acne scar treatment. This method requires the use of egg whites.

To follow this natural cure, you need to apply a thin layer of egg white on your scars and wash it off with lukewarm water when the solution dries.

This home remedy can be combined with ground oatmeal and honey by mixing one tablespoon each of these ingredients in whisked egg white. It helps remove excess oil and hence avoids further acne breakouts too.

Massaging the skin with olive oil (can be mixed with lemon juice) and then washing it off after 15-20 minutes is highly beneficial in clearing acne scars.

In addition, about 2-3 times in a week, use combination of olive oil and baking soda and rinse it off with lukewarm water to exfoliate the skin. Make sure you wash and clean your face before using any of the topical medications, whether homemade solutions or over-the-counter creams.

You can apply generous amount of mashed banana pulp facilitate acne scar treatment at home. Wait, do not throw away the peel. Instead, rub the inside of banana peel on the affected areas to cure your acne scars fast.

Add a teaspoon of baking soda in 2 teaspoons of water and apply the mixture on the affected areas to eliminate acne scars through natural exfoliation.

Although it is often suggested to use aloe vera gel or juice to get rid of acne scars, some claim that this is not true. Nonetheless, it is believed that aloe vera helps in reducing scars by regenerating skin tissues. Moreover, you can use a solution of aloe vera gel and green tea to lighten acne scars and get younger looking skin.

Mix some lemon juice and rose water in 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and apply the resultant paste on face, neck and other affected areas. Finally, rinse it off with cold water after 15 minutes to fade acne scars to some extent.

Prepare herbal acne scar removal face mask by making a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves. Apply it on the affected areas for about 30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. The paste can also left on skin overnight.

In case you are wondering how to get rid of acne scars that remain severe and persistent even after natural treatment, you will have to consult your dermatologist and consider acne scar removal treatments like punch excision, laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, augmentation therapy etc.


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