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Inner thighs and underarms are the most ignored parts of our body and they are constantly underestimated. They have caused many a break-ups, aversion in relationships, and after all, it looks unhygienic.


Having dark inner thighs can be a bit embarrassing, especially to women. This condition is not threatening and there are various ways for you to deal with those unwanted dark areas.

EHC brings you home remedies that are quite effective and efficient at the same time. It can save you a lot of effort, money, and time from treating this problem. The best part is, you can also save yourself from the embarrassment and awkwardness that you will be feeling once you are talking about this condition with your physician. You can totally be discreet by just following these amazingly natural solutions at the comfort of your home.



The annoying darkness of inner thighs and underarms owes its origin to various reasons. First and foremost, hormonal change set off in course of pregnancy and that of lactation may give way to heightened pigmentation and darkness. Constant use of oral contraceptive may also add to the problem. But other than these, a wide variety of reasons including friction caused by tight clothing, sudden change in weight, excessive proneness to sweating, exposure to chemically reactive deodorant & products of skin care can give way to the uncalled for darkness.

Insulin resistance can also give way to dark inner thighs and underarms. Hormonal imbalance and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can unleash similar dark patches.

Home Remedies

Before beginning, you need to ensure that the mentioned regions remain free from friction. Constant rubbing gives way to chafing and darkness, so the regions should be comfortably clothed.

It is important that the areas are allowed to breathe in comfort, so avoid wearing tights/ fitting underwear while going off to sleep.

Avoid exposure to synthetic or nylon materials rather go for cotton and natural fibers because synthetic materials are more likely to make you sweat and sweating only serves to aggravate pigmentation.

It is important to keep the areas thoroughly cleansed, but avoid exposing the folds of inner thighs and underarms to hard scrubbing agents. In order to cleanse it of dirt and other impurities, a cream based scrub such as apricot scrub can be used.

The areas should be soothingly moisturized following the process of cleansing.

Make it a point to have the regions patted dry with a cotton towel. Moisture should not be allowed to breed.

Soothing lotion or a moisturizing cream can also be applied as part of daily care. Gel extracted from aloe can also be applied for soothing suppleness.

Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to keep your system thoroughly hydrated.


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Make a paste out of plain yogurt, lemon juice, gram powder and turmeric powder. This paste should be applied directly on the dark inner things, and left on. However, as soon as it dries up, it is important to wash it off. Leaving this paste on for an additional amount of time could have an adverse effect on the skin, as the turmeric may stain the skin, or cause it to turn yellowish.

Potatoes are known to contain natural bleaching properties, yet they are quite mild on the skin. A raw potato should either be cut into slices or grated, before being applied to the darkened area. After leaving the potato on for at least half an hour, the skin should be rinsed with cold water.

A mixture using one teaspoon each of milk powder, honey and lemon as well as half a teaspoon of almond oil should be prepared and then applied to the inner thighs, since it can get rid of the tan. The mixture should be rinsed after half an hour.

Powdered sandalwood gels fine with rose water to serve as a natural bleaching agent. The resulting paste may be applied on the patchy areas. Following the standing time of half an hour, you need to have the application rinsed off.

Grate, mix, and scrub some oranges. Like lemons, oranges can whiten your inner thighs as well. All you need to do is grate the zest of the orange. Mix it with honey and use it as a scrub all over your thigh. Massage the area for five to ten minutes with this solution before rinsing it with warm water.

Then you might want to start getting on in an exercise program. You can start with jogging or brisk walking every morning or you can go to the gym and have the gym instructor help you lose the excess fat. Not only you will look great once you have a tone body, but it will help in keeping your inner thighs and underarm regions healthy and free of skin pigmentation.


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