Cervical Cancer – Checkout for These 10 Warning Signs

Cervical Cancer Signs

Cervical cancer often manifests in women without any noticeable symptoms.  But there are few risk factors or warning signs that you could pick up.


These warning signs shouldn’t be neglected; it needs a thorough investigation to rule out cervical cancer and save oneself from a lifetime of agony.  Doctors advice women aged 25-49 should undergo compulsory cervical cancer screening every 3 to 4 years to rule out cervical cancer.  Here are the 10 warning signs that you need to watch out for:

Leg Pain

Leg pain can be a result of an injury or it can be due to other illnesses.    But women suffering with cervical cancer also complain of severe leg pain with soreness and swelling, sometimes the pain is so severe that it interferes with their day to day activities.  Inflammation of tissues surrounding the cervix can block blood flow to the leg causing the pain and swelling.  So if you notice any of the above symptoms, seek immediate medical attention to rule out cervical cancer.


Pain during Penetration

If you get cervical pain during maximum penile-vaginal thrust, it is okay and normal.  But severe and deep pain during penetration shouldn’t be neglected; it should be investigated.  Who knows, the pain could be the result of inflamed tissues which surrounds the cervix.  If you notice any excruciating pain during penetration, seek medical attention to rule out cervical cancer.

Pelvic Pain Cancer

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is very common and the pain’s source could be different.  But women with cervical cancer also complain of severe pelvic pain, so if you notice any pelvic pain which is persistent and growing in intensity, seek a doctor’s advice to rule out cervical cancer.

Pelvic Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain in isolation is not a cause for worry. But if the pain is accompanied by any other symptoms listed in this article, you need to knock the doctor’s office to rule out cervical cancer.

Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding after Penetration

Vaginal bleeding after the act is not normal, that too when you are not menstruating, and hence the cause of bleeding should be investigated.  Sometimes rough penetration can damage the tissues around the cervix resulting in bleeding.  But to rule out cervical cancer, only the doctor can say.

Bloody vaginal discharge

Bloody vaginal discharge

While menstruating, bloody vaginal discharge is normal.  But bloody discharge outside menstruation is something of concern.  Its source should be investigated to find if any tumor growth is damaging the tissues surrounding the cervix.   You need to seek a doctor’s advice to rule out cervical cancer.

Discomfort While Urinating

Discomfort While Urinating

A tight and burning sensation while urinating could point fingers to inflammation of the cervix.  It could be also due to some other reasons.  But if the discomforting sensation prevails, seek immediate medical attention to be on the safer side.

Unexplained Weight Loss and Tiredness

Unexplained Weight Loss and Tiredness

If you are on diet or exercise, weight loss is a natural process.  But unexplained weight loss with excessive fatigue needs a thorough investigation.  One of the reasons for the weight loss could be the reduction in red blood cells and the increase in white blood cells causing loss of appetite.  If you notice any symptoms like this, seek immediate medical attention.

Urinary incontinence

Loss of bladder control, frequent urination, or blood-tinged urine could point fingers towards cervical cancer.  To rule out cervical cancer, seeking medical attention is the best option.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Monthly periods are normal if it is regular and consistent.  But any deviation from the regular cycle could be due to some underlying problems.  One of it could be cervical cancer.  Seek a doctor’s opinion to rule out cervical cancer.


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