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Do you think brushing your hair every night is good? Or have we even thought about it?


Brushing your hair regularly is an important part of maintaining and rejuvenating your hair, especially when this process is associated with a scalp massage. Brushing hair is as important as to eat a healthy and nutritious diet and using holistic shampoos.

Why Brushing or Combing?

  • A majority of the blood vessels that supply your scalp are present at the back of your head. This is also known as the one point the supplies all the parts of your scalp with fresh blood supply and nutrients. Known as the occipital region, it is packed with blood vessels, which is why you are least likely to go bald in that region.
  • Combing therapy is not only good for your body, it is also great for your hair, can beat hair fall, reduce the appearance of split ends and give your hair that illusive shine of healthy hair.
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  • Combing your hair helps you relax, has to ability to energize your body and helps your mind relax. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended that you comb your hair 100 times before you go to bed.
  • Combing also helps in the proper distribution of oils present on your scalp. This helps your hair get the natural nourishment it requires to grow. This oil adds a beautiful shine to your hair and is your body’s natural mechanism to fight off infections.
  • Combing helps you get rid of dirt, chemicals, products and grime that usually get deposited at the roots of your hair and on your scalp. It also helps open up the pores allowing your hair to breathe.

How to Brush Hair?


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Selecting the right brush

The most commonly used material to prepare natural bristles of a brush is the boar’s hair, though bristles made from porcupine also exist. According to the hair stylists, boar bristles smooth out the cuticle and add shine to the hair. These bristles are best for straightening the hair and they will not add a tremendous amount of curl or body to straight hair.

Bristles made from nylon are suited more for detangling hair. Since they are flexible, it makes them easy to slide through the knotted hair and minimize painful pulling of hair.

For people with long hair who want to get enough curl at the ends, stylist recommends using a brush with a larger head for the major part of the blowout and then switching to a smaller-headed brush for the ends. In this way a more pronounced curl will be created at the ends.

Follow the steps

First stand erect, then bend your body from waist downwards as down as you can go, this will increase the blood flow into your scalp. This increased blood circulation helps in stimulating and nourishing your entire scalp and hair follicles, thereby promoting growth of new hair.

Grasp the handle of your hair brush firmly and move it through the areas of the nape of the neck, sides and then the crown and bring it all the way to the front facial hairline. Brush your hair in slow easy strokes for at least three to five minutes.

Then again stand erect and do the process in reverse order. This will ensure that your hair is thoroughly coated with sebum, the ‘natural elixir’ that helps in conditioning your hair and adds luster and body to them.


  • Never brush your hair or untangle them when they are wet. This will lead to hair breakage. In case you want to brush your hair after getting out of the shower, always use a wide-tooth comb. Make sure to comb gently so that your hair is untangled without any damage and start combing at the ends.
  • You must have heard that brushing rigorously will help in distributing the natural oils from your scalp and make your hair shiny. Or that it helps in stimulating the flow of blood to your scalp and in boosting hair growth. Neither of these is true. On the contrary, too much brushing leads to friction on hair causing breakage and cuticle damage. This makes the hair frizzy and lusterless.
  • Do allow your hair to dry naturally as often as possible. Use a highly absorbent towel to mop up excess moisture then finger dry.
  • Don't expose your hair to the sun during the hottest time of the day. Cover up and wear a hat instead.
  • Do wash hair after swimming in chlorinated water.
  • Don't forget to clean your brushes and combs. Let them soak in warm, soapy water once a week.
  • Do nourish your scalp with oil twice weekly. This will help to soften and strengthen graying hair. Choose from almond, coconut or extra-virgin olive oil. Soak a cotton ball in the oil and dab on to the scalp, leave for half an hour then wash with very warm water. Finish with a cold rinse to flatten the cuticle of the hair.
  • Do wet your hair before stepping into the pool. When the hair shaft absorbs regular water, it helps negate the damaging effects of swimming in chlorinated water. Better still, wear a swimming cap.

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Cleaning Hairbrushes and Combs

It is easy and quick to get a clean hairbrush or comb in many ways. Wet the brushes, combs, or brush and comb under warm running water. Then, place a small dab of shampoo onto the bristles of one of the brushes or combs. Carefully rub the brush's bristles together when cleaning two brushes at a time. However, take one brush and rub with the comb when cleaning a comb and brush combination or when cleaning two combs. Keep rubbing gently under running water until all suds are gone. Then, dry the combs on a towel. If there is still leftover grime on hairstyling tools, use a cotton swab to get the junk out from in between bristles and repeat the just mentioned process.

You may also use baking soda to get rid of product's chemicals remaining in hair tools. Start with what was mentioned earlier and take all of unwanted tresses out of hairbrush or comb and dispose of them into garbage. Then, soak hairbrushes and combs in the bathroom sink with about one half cup of baking soda and warm water for about fifteen minutes. Then let the hairstyling tools air dry on towel.

Brushing Your Hair Before Bed

There are some differing opinions out there about when and how often you should be brushing your hair. Over brushing and harsh brushing can definitely lead to loss and breakage, and definitely be careful brushing wet hair. There are definitely some benefits to brushing your hair.

Natural Oils – Your scalp produces natural oils that are good for your hair. By brushing your hair you are distributing those oils into your hair to keep it moisturized, shiny and healthier.

Smoother Hair – By brushing your hair out and distributing those healthy, natural oils, you are also smoothing out your hair’s cuticles for a smoother, softer and shinier appearance.

Removes Dirt and Dandruff – Your hair takes a lot of abuse, like products and pollution. By brushing your hair regularly you are helping work some of those things out and keeping it from settling on your hair making it dull and rough.

Increases Circulation – A nice massaging brushing session (3-5 minutes of gentle brushing) stimulates blood flow in your scalp which means a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth.


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