Body Hair on Men – What do Women Think?

chest hair

Do women like body hair on men? Whether it is chest hair, facial hair, or the hair on your butt, let’s stay away from vague answers and explore how girls perceive and feel about body hair on guys.


With regard to body hair, the line between sexy and scary is very think indeed. Many grooming habits that were previously only acceptable for woman have become perfectly normal for men; thanks to the metrosexual movement. But before you go crazy with the razor, consider what your woman is going to think about your strategic shaving.

Hair Style

Whether you want to go bald or carry long locks like Elvis Presley, just make sure that you look cool. Honestly, the hair on your head is the least of your worries when it comes to body hair. If you have a nice and fashionable hairstyle or even if you go bald and it suits you, you really have nothing to worry about. Women will not mind if you have long hair or cropped hair as long as you look good in whatever hairstyle you carry.


Facial Hair

Should you have a beard or not? That’s entirely your call. Just make sure that it suits your personality and the overall look that you want to carry. The debate about whether facial hair is attractive or not has been going on for centuries and it probably will go on and on and on. Think about facial hair as the personality that you are going to project. So if having a beard comes in the scheme of things of the look that you want to carry, by all means, go for it. If a cleanly shaven look suits well on you, then shave your beard away. The bottom line is that everything boils down to personality when it comes to facial hair.

Armpit Hair

Leave those clean and smooth underarms for women. Underarm hair is considered manly but make sure yours is trimmed and thinned. While underarm hair just sounds wrong, women generally understand, believe and accept that men are not supposed to have silky smooth underarms. It is the concept of being manly that comes into play here. A man is generally not expected to carry a silky smooth armpit. So thin and trim your armpit hair to a short length.

Hair on Arms

Unless your job or occupation requires you to have no hair on your arms, have some. It looks and feels natural. It is absolutely okay to have hair on your arms. In fact, a man’s arms are not always supposed to be silky smooth. Unless you are a pro body builder or a model/actor who requires his arms to be super clean all the time, it is generally good to have some hair on the arm.


hairy chest

Chest Hair

Who better to vouch for the fact that women like chest hair on men than Hugh Jackman himself? If you shave your chest, you are only going to end up hurting your woman in bed with the coarse stubble that re-grows only in a few days. While a waxed chest may make a woman drool or may look amazingly sexy in a poster or in a movie, it is hard to replicate that kind of appeal in real life. To play it safe, trim your chest hair and thin it so that your woman can run her fingers through it without feeling like going through a bush. The most important thing to remember while trimming chest hair is the Tiger Line. Gentlemen, if you didn’t know already, the Tiger Line is the line of hair which goes from your chest down to your midriff and down below. The bottom line is women like chest hair but strictly in moderation. Chest hair is generally considered manly.

Shoulder & Back Hair

Back hair is generally considered not-so-sexy. Body grooming trends point to just one answer when it comes to shoulder and back hair – No. Now don’t ask why your girlfriend won’t like running her fingers through the hair on your back, especially when she likes doing that on your chest. She just doesn’t.

Pubic Hair

Don’t surprise your woman – trim your pubic hair. Just like you will probably not like to go through a gigantic bush to search for your woman’s privates, she too will not be a fan of the same. It is nice to keep your pubic hair trimmed, short and clutter free. And while you are doing it, make sure you trim all the hair in your groin area.

Butt Hair

Unless you are going to be parading around naked, don’t fret over hair on the butt. The most important point to remember is that you will impress a girl on a date with your manners, good looks and chivalry. The hair on your bum is the last thing going through her mind while she is having a romantic meal and sharing a nice glass of wine with you. Having said that, it is also important to know that hair on the bum is not a turn on for women. It is a generally accepted idea to not have too much of visible butt hair.

Leg Hair

Stay away from extremes – either too cropped/waxed or too furry – when it comes to hair on the legs. All you need to do is trim. Your girl may not like to look at your legs if you have a carpet of hair wrapped around them. Legs are probably the easiest body part when it comes to dealing with body hair because all you have to do is trim them to a length at which they don’t look too short and pointy, or too long and furry. Women don’t mind hair on legs. But make sure you trim.

The trick is to maintain a balance when it comes to length of the hair while you trim your body hair. For example, if you have chest hair but decide to wax off the hair on your legs or vice versa, well, it’s just going to look weird and funny.


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