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art of sensual

Making love is not just an act for procreation; it is a communion of two minds and bodies that dance together. There is a mood to it. There is an environment to it.

Normally people create it instinctively when they feel the intense desire to make love. Sounding more sensual in bed is an art that just cannot be taught. It is all about experiencing and enjoying the passion, without really thinking about it. EHC brings you tips on how to sound playful in bed.

We have all been there, those winding marathons that sometimes just don’t seem to end. You are finished up already or you are still waiting for the crescendo, but it just does not get over. The silent buzz in your head peaks to a tension, and somehow it is just quiet. Really,  really quiet. And then, you part your lips to speak, and all your dry throat allows out is a dry squeak. And then, it is back to the see-saw ride of passionate, quiet love. Silent loving is hot, but nothing can beat the sultry, enjoyable moan of sensual appreciation in bed. The best way to enjoy great play is to learn to sound sensually in bed and just enjoy the things that make you go.

Panting softly into each other’s ears is a huge turn on, especially if your voice is drowning in sensual passion. To most, speaking in bed is taboo, and speaking aloud about fantasies is unimaginable. But to enjoy a good time in bed, you need more than just a playful body, you need a joyous mind and a temptation voice.

The Husky Voice

Learning how to sound sensual in bed is not actually about the words you use, or the quotes you pull out of a cheap paperback. It is all inside you. Even an “I love you” can heat up your mate. Talk sleazy to turn on your mate, and always appreciate your partner and the activities both of you are doing in bed. If you like the way your hands feel over your lover’s back, let them know. Whisper it in their ears, and don’t stop your hands from wandering around. Accentuate your words with nibbles, kisses and surprise moves.

Talking Dirty

If you know your partner then you will know how dirty they want to get in bed. Talking dirty is a great arousal that is hard to resist. But cooing seductively and creating fantasies through words can feel even better. Talk trash or talk mush, but keep the tempo high and your voice dripping with lust. When you play, it is hard to know what you say all the time, but it does not really matter. Look into your mate’s eyes and talk softly, or you can even babble just as long as you talk and sound sensually.

Mood Music

A good seductive album or a playful song can keep your moaning subtle. Play your favorite mood music while getting frisky, and see how you feel when you reciprocate your partner’s moves with moans. Another good reason to play those music notes is the rhythm it brings into your sheets. So the next time you decide to talk dirty, keep the silence at bay with some mood music.

Chosen Words

We have all heard the glass shattering groans and moans in porn movies, but that can be quite frightening in real life. If you do want to know how to sound sensually in bed, learn to keep it simple in reality. Don’t go calling your partner bad names or shrieking like Godzilla’s on the warpath. Use words that can connect both of you. And just so you know, there is nothing sensual than calling out your lover’s name while making love. It is intimate and arousing.

Moans & Moans

A seductive moan of appreciation can take your mate to Mount Horny! Indulge in moans every now and then. It is a way of expressing excitement and pleasure. Sounding sensually or moaning now and then lets your mate know that you are enjoying what you are doing, and it also shows that you are losing control and flying into ecstasy. Show your appreciation by making some noise and see how you like it. It doesn’t have to happen only while having play, you can moan while cuddling or even while kissing. But most importantly, it is a great way to let your lover know that you are enjoying what is going on. And just in case you do fall in love with moaning and talking sensually in bed, just be considerate of your neighbors and avoid screaming.

Body Talk

Use your hands a lot when you talk in bed. If you want to compliment his broad shoulders, then run your hands along it as you tell him how enjoyable it is. Or if it is her soft back that turns you on, then nibble her neck and shoulders as you whisper to her. Connecting the talk and the body can make love feel so much more steamier. And don’t ever let your hands stay in one place. Let them wander like you just can’t get enough. Go for the pleasure points that you know of, the ones that can turn your mate on like there is no tomorrow. The heady mix of passion and moans can arouse your mate like never before, and you would have figured out how to sound sensually in bed without even going overboard or feeling awkward.

Try these tips the next time you are cuddling up or making love. They will definitely help you achieve a notch higher in experiencing heaven and keep the doors wide open.

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