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It is fun and exciting, at least for the first few months. Then somewhere along the way, it starts to get just a little predictable and just a little boring. It becomes a routine and starts to feel like a chore.

EHC brings you some amazing for play tips for men and women and you will feel like a honey horse.

Sensual for play is the art of arousing your lover without even getting your hands anywhere near each other’s privates. When you’re making love for the first time, as you place your lips on your lover’s body, the sensual tension feels electric. You may not realize this, but sensual intimacy is just like romance. It is always heart pumping at the beginning, until it runs out of steam. You need to come up with gestures and surprises in romance, you need to keep the excitement alive in bed too, by constantly recreating the wheel of sensual passion.

These tips are not just easy but will explode your mind with sensual ideas and naughty thoughts every time you are in bed with your partner.

Go Outdoor: It becomes boring when it is initiated within the four walls of the bedroom. Every now and then, initiate it outside the bedroom. Instead, get closer innocently and sit down for a few minutes while watching the television together. Just stroke your lover’s hands or play with their fingers, and when you feel the tingle of love, kiss your partner or cozy up under a blanket. Before you know it, both of you would be having it spontaneously without even realizing it.

Surprise each other: You already know that by doing something unique, you can change the numb sensation into a sensual frenzy instantly. Show your assets off, but shock and awe your partner while doing it. Give your lover a sneak peek in public, show each other, grind each other on the dance floor, or undress yourself slowly and ask your partner to make love to you while you are leaning against your bedroom window.

Kiss passionately: Take your time. Even if you have kissed your lover a million times, a slow and sensual kiss can still feel just as intimate and playful as a first kiss. Close your eyes, place your lips on your lover’s lips and play along, while moving your lips softly, slowly and purposefully. Breathe into each other slowly, and just experience the sensation.

Explore their body: Penetration doesn’t have to be the only playful thing you do in bed. Gently kiss your partner’s neck, their arms and the rest of their body. If your partner moans or relaxes their body, they probably like what you’re doing. Let your hands linger all over their body and experience the way your lover’s body feels.

Talk dirty: The best part about dirty talking in bed is that it can help you talk about your darkest sensual fantasies without the fear of being judged by your lover. You can talk dirty anywhere, in bed or even in the living room. Just talk about something naughty, be it an incident or a fantasy of yours. All it takes is a few sentences before both of you feel stiff around the loins

Watch a movie: Watch a good adult movie, with a plot that both of you would enjoy. Just slip under the blanket, watch the movie and run your hands against each other. And at some point in the movie, both of you would be more than ready to do the deed yourselves.

Enact your fantasies: Try something that you know will excite you and your lover at the same time. Do you have a sensual fantasy that makes you feel honey each time you’re alone? Talk about it with your partner, or enact it with them. It could be something sensually taboo, or a role playing idea or something that you’ve always wanted to do in bed.

play can truly be the sensual thing on earth, even if you have been doing it with the same person for several years. All it takes is a few naughty twists to make it as exciting as the first time, every few months.

You may use these for play tips the next time in bed, and you will realize how dirty and naughty each of these tips can really be. You will learn just how easy it is to improvise on these ideas and create a whole new life for yourself and your partner.

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