A Peep into Endoscopy


Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure used to examine the interior surfaces of an organ or tissue.


It involves examining the inside of a person’s body using an endoscope. Endoscope is a long, thin, flexible (or rigid) tube which has a light and a video camera. Images of the inside of the patient’s body can be seen on a screen. The whole endoscopy is recorded so that doctors can check it again.

Endoscopy can also be used for enabling biopsies and retrieving foreign objects. Cancer, breathing disorders, internal bleeding, urinary tract infections, etc., are some of the conditions investigated with endoscopy.


Here are some videos which will give you comprehensive information on the procedure of endoscopy. There is a lot of scope for the endoscope!




Image courtesy: marylandcolonoscopy.com ,

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