8 Yoga poses for Cervical Spondylosis (Neck)

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2. Dhanurasana


  1. Spread a blanket folded length wise.
  2. Lie down on it facing the ground.
  3. Place both hands on sides as usual.
  4. Slowly bend the legs evenly without bearing space between the knee caps.
  5. Catch hold of the toes with the fingers raising the head also.
  6. It will be seen that by this the backbone is given a fine curve.


Stout persons may find it difficult. For them leaving a space between the knee will enable them to catch the toes. By continuous practice the space will be minimized.

Dhanurasana yoga



Other health benefits of this Asana: This asana gives many benefits. Indigestion, hunch back, Rheumatism, Pain in elbow joints and Palm joints will be cured. Gastro intestinal troubles will also be cured.

There is still a difficult pose, as catching hold of alternate toes.

Chakrasana yoga

3. Chakrasana


  1. Stand erect with feet wide apart.
  2. Keep both hands on the sides touching the thighs. The fingers should be close together.
  3. Look straight.
  4. Slowly inhale deeply.
  5. Keeping your body tense, continue inhaling and raise your right hand laterally above your head.
  6. Now inhale and raise your right leg slowly until it is 90 degrees or then as high as possible.
  7. Ensure that the right hand and palm is turned inwards from the shoulder while raising the hand.
  8. Exhale slowly and raise your right shoulder and simultaneously bend your trunk and head to the left till the hand becomes parallel to the ground.
  9. Take care not to bend your right hand at the elbow.
  10. Begin to exhale and bring your leg down slowly back to the floor. Complete the exhalation.
  11. As you are bending, slide the left hand down the left thigh till it reaches the knee.
  12. Hold this posture as long as you can comfortably hold your breath.
  13. Begin inhaling and return to the starting posture. Return your right arm, trunk and head back to the straight position.
  14. As you bring the right arm below the shoulder turn the palm inward.
  15. Bring back the right arm to resting position by the right thigh.
  16. With straight legs joined together, raise them to 30 degrees from the ground. Hold for a few seconds.
  17. Complete exhalation.
  18. Repeat the above steps for the left side.


The lateral bend in Chakrasana makes the spinal column elastic.

This pose also makes the hip joint flexible..

The pose is good for checking the rigidity of the rib cage, resulting in an increase of lung capacity

Matsyasana yoga

4. Matsyasana

When the back bone has been bent in the forward direction in one asana, the next should be to bend the back bone in the backward direction. Hence after Sarvangasana this asana has to be done. As the name describes this asana is likely to be in the form of a fish.


  1. Spread a blanket folded length-wise.
  2. Sit on it in the usual manner.
  3. Have the legs in the Padhmasana pose.
  4. Gently lie down.
  5. Place the hands under the head palms facing the head.
  6. Then bend the back bone and also the head. In bending the neck great care has to be taken so that the neck may not develop sprain.
  7. I have found a nice way to understand the angle to which the neck is bent. When we are lying down we see the portion of the roof. If the neck is bent backward our vision falls on the pictures or clock on the wall. If it is still bent our vision falls on table or something below the clock etc. If this process is suitable to you, you can also adopt this.
  8. Then slowly come to the original position.This asana can be practiced in another way also. Padhmasana position can be had after lying down.

Benefits of Asana

This asana is a cure for many diseases. This increases the digestion power to a great extent chest troubles, Asthma, etc. are cured. Since the throat and bronchial portions are broadened more fresh air is intaken. The glands in the neck portion are nourished.

Note: Instead of placing the hands below the head some practise this asana in another way. The toes (of Padhmasana pose) are held by the fingers. If this is suitable method it can be practiced this way also.


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