Health: Mistakes Men Make

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Most of us, educated and knowledgeable, go about our lives the way we want it to be. Health is of prime concern and from workouts to healthy diets, many of us make an effort to look after ourselves.


However, we could be compromising our health on a daily basis without even knowing it. You may be surprised at just how many “innocent” habits and routines could be doing you harm. From bottling things up to eating fast food, here are the top 10 male habits you should try to break.

I don’t want to go to the doctor!

Recent studies have revealed that men are less likely to visit their doctor, despite the fact that they have shorter life spans than women and are more likely to die from cancer. While visiting the doctor is rarely a pleasant experience, diagnosing illnesses early increases the rate of survival. So stop ignoring those symptoms and give your doctor a call.


No routine health check-ups

Many men avoid doing necessary health self-checks due to fear, denial of the risks, or confusion over what to do. However, it is vital that men check themselves regularly for signs of testicular cancer as incidence of the disease is on the rise, particularly in young and middle-aged men. If you are not sure how to go about checking yourself, visit a reputable website or ask your doctor about the necessary checks.

Heavy Consumption of Alcohol

Long hours spent drinking alcohol and frequent drinking is common among men and they all end up consuming alcohol in large quantities which is a major health hazard for men. As a result there are consistently higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations in men.

Such heavy drinking not only affects long term health, but it puts your immediate safety at risk and can also lead to rapid weight gain. To safeguard your health, it is important to stick to recommended limits and drink in moderation.

No sharing of emotions

On the whole, men are less likely than women to talk about their feelings, express emotion or ask for help and support. Perhaps as a consequence of this, men are half as likely as women to be diagnosed with depression and are more likely to commit suicide. Depressed men are more prone to resort to alcohol and drug abuse also.

Bottling up anger is just as detrimental to men’s health, with research suggesting that men who don’t express their anger increase their risk of a heart attack.


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Stressing over work

While men and women are equally exposed to workplace stress, studies prove that men are more likely than women to take a sick day due to work related stress and are twice as likely to turn to alcohol to help deal with it. As workplace stress can be an important factor in the development of depression, heart disease and stroke, it is vital to seek a way to resolve your feelings and ease your stress; whether it is by talking to your boss, changing your job or seeking professional help.

Hot baths

Many men enjoying soaking in the tub, but for all those trying to conceive it may be time to change to just showers. Studies have found that having hot baths can significantly reduce male fertility. As sperm develop best in cool surroundings, men should avoid any activity that leads to overheating this area, including sitting in hot tubs or Jacuzzis and regular, prolonged use of laptops.

No sun screen

Men are generally bad at skin care and hence they do not regularly wear sunscreen while going out. However, with many men spending significant time outdoor for sports, work or leisure, it is vital to cover up with appropriate clothing and sun cream before heading outside.

Poor bathroom hygiene

Do you wash your hands after you have visited the bathroom? Studies say that one in three men do not. And only a third of men washed their hands with soap. Not washing your hands is the quickest way to spread germs and infection, so protect your health and those around you by making sure you lather up before leaving the bathroom.

No brushing of teeth

Men generally have a lackadaisical approach towards cleaning and brushing of teeth, and they are not very fond of regular dental checkups. Failing to look after your pearly whites is not only bad news for your teeth and gums; research has shown that gum disease can increase risk of heart disease, erectile dysfunction and dementia.

Takeaways & fast food

In today’s fast food culture, many of us are guilty of hampering our weight loss by indulging in too much junk food, and this is particularly true for men. With an average takeaway containing over half your recommended daily calories and copious amounts of salt, do your health a favor by cutting back on takeaways and replacing with home-cooked meals.


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