WARNING! These 7 Foods Could Give You Food Poisoning if reheated

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Most people get into the habit of reheating their last night leftovers and turn them into a whole new meal.


Some foods can be reheated as many times as you like, but some of them can be dangerous to your health, once you heat them up. Who would have thought that these foods can poison you? The fact is that heat can cause the nitrates of these vegetables to turn toxic when they are heated up a second time.

Please read on and check out the 7 foods you should never eat after reheating as they could give you food poisoning when reheated.



Never heat up spinach for the second time because it can be dangerous to your health. Once cooked, it is recommended to eat spinach immediately. Spinach is packed with high amount of nitrates which when heated up can turn into nitrites. This way, they can release carcinogenic properties that can be very harmful to the human body.

celery eating girl


We often use celery for soups. It is rich in nitrates as well. When you heat up your soup with celery, nitrates can be turned into nitrites. Therefore, take out the celery when you want to warm up your soup. Carrots should not be reheated too.



This veggie is high in nitrates. Therefore this is another food that should not be re-heated. Beets should only be warmed up, but not reheated.

woman eating potato


Potatoes are packed with large amount of healthy nutrients and they are very good for you, but when they are left to cool down or for a day or two, they can lose their healthy nutrients. At this point they can be more harmful than useful for our body.

eggs in a tumbler


Eggs can be life threatening if they are exposed to high temperatures or are being warmed up. This doesn’t apply to foods that contain eggs. It is related to heating up boiled or fried eggs.

chicken eating girl


Chicken can be deadly if it is heated for the second time. You may experience some digestive problems as the proteins change their structure on reheating. Chicken contains more proteins than the red meat; hence it is preferable to eat cold chicken than a reheated one. If you still want to eat it warm, then be sure that the temperature is low and that the warming process lasts longer.



It is known that mushrooms are the most important food that shouldn’t be warmed up. In general mushrooms should be eaten right after preparation. If you want to eat them the next day, be sure to consume them cold. If not, they can cause digestive problems and additional heart problems.

It is of great significance that you pay attention on what kind of leftovers you heat up in the oven or the microwave. You should certainly think twice before you start warming up some of these foods. Unless you want to deal with potential health problems, it is always better to avoid reheating food.


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