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Hey morning, I’m riding in it. I’m so high, I’m diving in it.   –  Anonymous rapper


For many people getting up can be the toughest part of the morning unless you have a natural ability to hop out of bed feeling energized. One of our doctor members said that it is not getting to bed that is hard but the waking up in the mornings that is the real challenge. The idea of this article is sparked off from this comment. Doctor, we feel your pain. Our team, including this doctor, has found out there a few ways to make mornings brighter and easier to tackle. Let’s rise and shine every day bright-eyed and energized.


Slow stretches like yoga poses or simple twists, help your body reenergize gently. These moves also focus your mind, washing away the haziness that sometimes accompanies early wake-up calls.



Once you’ve had a moment to wake up, doing a few exercises to get your blood flowing is a great way to start the day. Anything from crunches to a brief spin on a bike will do. Push-ups and jumping jacks also work. Just make sure that before you start exercising, you allow yourself a gentle warm up.

Don’t Over-caffeinate

Yes caffeine can help you jump-start your day, but overdoing it (more than two cups) can kill buzz mid-morning. Stick to one cup and your energy level will be more stable.


When you sleep, your body uses up its water stores. Rehydrating with a few glasses of cold water not only invigorates your body, it helps to stimulate your nervous system and digestive tract. Drink up first thing and your body will be more ready to handle the stresses of the day.

Consistent Sleep

Go to bed and wake up at the same time, every day. Your body loves consistency. Sticking to a regular schedule of sleep and rise times will make it easier for your body to awaken in the morning – and you will feel more rested throughout the day.

Soothing Music

Waking up to a loud alarm clock can be jarring. It also puts you at a greater risk of having a heart attack (the shocking sound can seriously push some people with heart conditions over the edge). Ditch the blaring alarm clock and invest in one that wakes you up gently, like a clock radio that gradually increases the sound of the music as your body gets accustomed to the welcome noise.

Wind Down

Shut off the computer or TV an hour before you go to bed. Bright lights act as distractions for your brain, making it harder for it to shut off at night. Just by turning brightly lit electronic items off an hour before you go to bed, you will get lulled into a deeper, more satisfying sleep and you will feel more willing to wake up in the morning.


morning shower

Early Shower

A refreshing splash of water will kick-start your body’s nervous system and help you feel revived.


After a night of fasting, your body needs energy to get moving. Have a healthy breakfast every morning (even if it is just a piece of fruit with yogurt or toast and peanut butter) and you will feel much better about getting things started early.

Breathe Deep

Getting up early, for some people, can be an anxiety-riddled event. Thoughts of “to do lists” and relationship or financial stressors can quickly fill your head. So as soon as you wake up, give yourself a moment to breathe several deep breaths and calm your body and mind.

Waking up happy and energized will not only get you out of bed on the right foot, it will help you better appreciate every single day.


Image courtesy: lifedash.com , vivodibenessere.it

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