The 7 Energy Zappers and How to Overcome Them

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Do you for no obvious reasons feel daytime tiredness or feel completely zapped? Have you ever tried to know “what might be causing it?”  


If not, check your lifestyle.  You might be leading an unhealthy lifestyle.  Here are 7 energy zappers that you might want to correct

Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration triggers energy drop.  If you drink little or no water, it impacts blood circulation. Blood gets thickened and supply of nutrients to different parts of the body gets affected.  No nutrients = No energy.  Keep yourself hydrated to be energetic. 


Sleeping Late

Sleep deprivation causes daytime tiredness. Studies show that deep sleep occurs between 10 pm and 1 am.   So, hit the bed early.   A good night’s sleep injects energy into your body; it helps you wake up feeling rested and energetic. 

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Sedentary lifestyle

Little or no physical activity causes low energy.  Hit the road, take a long brisk walk.  It boosts your energy level.  Keep yourself active, sedentary lifestyle is a big energy zapper.

Living on Junk Food

Sugars and simple carbs easily spike blood sugar levels causing frequent highs and lows.  It causes energy drops and lethargy.  So, avoid foods loaded with sugars or simple carbs. 


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Stress is another energy zapper.  Avoid forming unreasonable goals.  Expectations if not met leads to high stress.  It depletes your energy and leaves you fatigued and drained.  So, assign yourself to a reasonable goal, reach it first, and then go for the next. 

Skipping Breakfast

Many weight watchers opine that skipping breakfast leads to weight loss.  But it is far from reality.  After starving your body all night, skipping breakfast leads to low energy level.  Load yourself with a nutritious breakfast to avoid energy drain.

wine drinking girl

Drinking wine

If you are of the opinion that a glass of wine just before bedtime gives you a good night’s sleep, then you’re wrong!!  Alcohol is known to create a rebound effect.  It first causes a sedative effect and then suddenly cause adrenaline rush waking you up in the middle of night.  If you still like to have a drink, then make it at least 4 to 5 hours before bedtime.


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