Six Foods That Must Be Avoided For A Flat Stomach

flat stomach

From fashionable “size zero” to a fit-looking flat tummy, the trending reasons for burning those pouches of extra fat around your waistline are many.


Well, the happy news is that burning fat is not so difficult if you can manage a good healthy diet. See how it is done!

Below are some food items to be avoided and also some do’s and don’ts which can help you get rid of bloating and lose the abdominal fat in no time.

1) Say Goodbye to Dairy Food

Though the debate on milk as a healthy drink is never ending, it is undoubtedly a big no for those of you who seek a flat stomach. The intake of milk and other dairy products can lead to gases and bloating and thus you should avoid it. However yogurt is an outstanding exception which contains live bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics, that help in taming tummy bloat and thereby relieve constipation.


2) Forget processed food, coffee, refined sugar and alcohol

After dairy products, maybe it is also time for you to sacrifice your favourite processed food items as these easily boosts the process of fat accumulation. The refined sugar that is so commonly used also becomes a big hurdle in the process of burning fat. Well, you may better sacrifice on your caffeine and alcohol intake to get a quicker route to that flat tummy.

3) Reduce salt

Well salt is something we cannot avoid in food, can we? But those of you who take a few extra pinches should really be thinking of reducing the consumption of salt. Add salt just enough to give taste to your food as extra salt in your body will lead to retention of more water in the body.

spicy bite

4) Hot spices – Go away

The stomach irritation which you often experience is due to the increased secretion of gastric juices in your stomach stimulated by hot spicy foodstuff. The consumption of hot spices leads to digestion problems and promote accumulation of fat near the stomach. Thus a healthy diet must have a balance of both salt and hot spices.

5) Cut Down Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates completely undermine the belly fat burning process. You should cut down the consumption of pasta, bread and sweet foods. Substituting these with protein rich food could fetch you some extra health bonuses.

6) Big YES to Fruits

Don’t feel very sad over sacrificing all the food items you like, instead discover the exotic flavours of fruits and vegetables. Water and fiber rich fruits are always the best for a healthy stomach. But you need to be a little more careful while choosing fruits for weight loss. Citrus fruits are always preferable while some others like apple and pears with high fructose content are proven impediments to weight loss.

woman eating fruits

Consuming food items rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers regularly, like starting the day with cereals, is found to give a good digestive health. Potassium rich food like banana and potatoes are good at eliminating the excess water weight and thus minimizing the middle.

As a general note, try to include as much fluids as possible  in your diet but avoid excess retention of fluid in your body. It is important to remain hydrated for which at least 8 glasses of water is recommended for a day. However, apart from the food items above, anything that helps air reach your stomach must be avoided if you want a beautiful flat stomach.

Even candy, chewing-gum and soda are some food items that produce gas in the stomach. The mantra is simply to know what you eat so as to keep your stomach tight.


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