Music Therapy – The Melody Medicine

music therapy

What better medicine than a therapy which has only positive side effects and that is actually enjoyable? The miracle medicine is music. Music is the universal language which influences all levels of human existence.


Most of us have already experienced the incredible, mood-altering power of music. It straight away changes how your body feels, helps you calm down, handle stress, get in touch with inner feelings and inner thoughts.

Indian classical “ragas” have been acclaimed by vedic science to be very effective in curing many diseases related to central nervous system. Modern medicine is now rediscovering the healing powers of music. It is believed that music stimulates the pituitary gland the secretions of which affects the nervous system and the flow of blood. The right kind of music helps one relax and refresh. Even during the course of working, light music improves efficiency. From immemorial, music is known to be capable of improving happiness, peace, health, and concentration.


EHC presents you some videos in this context and let the sound of health permeate and vibrate every cell of your body.



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