Microvascular Re-implantation of Hand

hand surgery

With the help of cutting edge technology invented through obsessive medical research, it is possible to perform re-implantation of hands.


Hand re-implantation becomes very successful if the amputated part was brought early to the surgical unit within 6 hours and in a clean double plastic bag in some ice, providing the amputated part is not crushed.

Microsurgery is a general term for surgery requiring an operating microscope. Microsurgical techniques are utilized by several specialties today.

Fingertip amputation and simple reattachment are done in patients who are not candidates for microvascular re-implantation. EHC brings you through these videos different treatment options for freshly damaged fingertips that are completely detached, ranging from noninvasive wound cleansing, simple bandaging and observation, to shortening the end of the finger or thumb and closing the wound directly over it.




Image courtesy: lapeerhealth.com

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