Men, Do You Want to Look Younger?

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Focusing on your mind, body, and spirit is the secret to look younger and robust living. There are many aspects of healthy life that rely on each other. Crush the spirit and the body will follow. Stimulate your mind and you feel happiness.


Exercise your body and you think sharp. The look and tone of the skin plays a major part in men looking young and smart. Proper skin care and good health thus become important. Healthy diet, daily exercise, applying moisturizing and anti-ageing creams will work toward a younger appearance. Avoiding stress and staying happy enhances the freshness and youthfulness of your skin.


Antioxidants are compounds that prevent cell damage in our body. These compounds are considered to slow down the process of ageing and prevent early age wrinkles on skin. Hence include antioxidant rich foods in your diet to keep your body strong and young. Also antioxidant rich creams are available in market that help in repairing old damaged cells and keep skin healthy, youthful and young.


Protection from sun

Sun is considered to be a major reason that makes skin look old. The harmful sun rays takes moisture from skin, leads to pigmentation, damaged skin cells leading to skin cancers. Hence to avoid these situations apply sun protection creams to your face to repel back the damaging rays. During summer special care is required to protect skin from damage, so wear full sleeve shirts, caps or hats, goggles to provide some layer of protection to skin.


For exfoliation, first buy a good men's scrub and follow the instructions given. Exfoliate your face, hands and legs to remove the layer of dead cells and make skin look young and fresh. Buy a good facial scrub with natural extracts for deep skin cleansing.


Lack of moisture makes skin dry and rough which leads to wrinkles. Hence to make skin soft moisturize skin using a good moisturizing cream with vitamin E and natural oils extracts. For people with oily skin, use oil free moisturizers that are water based to get baby soft skin.


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A trendy hairstyle is also an important factor for a youthful appearance. We cannot suggest you which hairstyle as everyone has different hair types and face cuts. A general rule is that shorter hair and being well shaved often make a man to appear young. Also you may darken your hair color to hide the grey hair and give yourself a youthful look.

Plenty of water

Six to eight cups of water a day will help keep your skin hydrated, giving skin better tone and a more youthful looking appearance.

Adequate sleep

Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Inadequate sleep can result in bags under your eyes and other health consequences that may make you appear older. A study from the University of California, San Diego, found that more men needed naps to reinforce learning. Men also wake up more often and have less slow-wave sleep, which is crucial for memory formation.

Daily exercise

Apart from maintaining a good skin care routine and a healthy diet, exercises also play an important role in both men and women's life to keep body fit. Exercise helps in circulation of blood to the entire body. Blood provides oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in our body. Hence to stay young one must exercise daily.

Anti-aging Foods

Foods like eggs and fish provide omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals that help in repairing old damaged skin thus preventing loosening of your skin. Antioxidant rich foods like cherries, berries, tomatoes, garlic etc can be a great help for treating wrinkles and keeping skin young.

Vitamin C rich foods like oranges help to build collagen that help in repairing the the dark spots and damaged skin. Vitamin E is essential for providing moisture and keeping skin soft and supple. Almonds, coconut, walnut are some good vitamin E rich foods.

men skin care

Skin Care

Prepare a scrub from oranges and apply it to your face. Vitamin C present in this scrub builds collagen that repairs old skin.

Eat tomatoes and apply tomato juice to face to provide antioxidants, vitamin A, C and K to skin and make face glowing.

Massage aloe vera gel to skin for 20 minutes to remove impurities, treat skin infections, and prevent ageing of skin.

For moisturizing dry and rough skin you can use honey facial mask. Spread the honey to your skin and give yourself a 30 minutes rest. Now clean your skin with warm water. This will provide moisture to skin making your face glowing and younger looking.

Keeping cucumbers slices also helps to relax skin cells. Once a week keep cool cucumber slices on your eyes and face to get rid of dark circles, puffy eyes and make you face beautiful like you had in your twenties.

Fruit facial mask prepared from strawberries and apple paste can applied to face to nourish skin. Take half apple and mix five strawberries to it. Grind the mixture together and mix little gram flour to make this paste thick. Use this pack on face for 30 minutes once a week to remove wrinkles, fine lines, spots and make skin clean and clear.

Extra virgin olive oil contains strong antioxidants which protect the skin from pollutants. It also combats the oxidising effects of the sun on our skin. Oxidation triggers more skin cells to die, leaving skin cells thinner and promoting ageing. Applying extra virgin olive oil to the skin after sun exposure may help to protect the skin against damage.

Lifestyle Changes

If you really want to look good even in your fifties then you should avoid smoking. Cigarettes contain harmful compounds that damages body. It dehydrates skin leading to wrinkles and older looking skin. Drinking alcohol also dehydrates body, flushing out the moisture from skin and making it rough.

Exercise like walking, cycling and swimming are important for proper circulation of blood in body. Daily exercise helps a person to stay fit and strong at any age.


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