Goodbye to Warts Forever

wart forever

Warts are small openings in the upper surface of the skin, which are filled up by the dirt and dust and turns into black color. People always want to get rid of the warts as fast as possible.


There are many products available in the market which can be used to remove the warts. But they can also have the side effects. The most suitable remedies are the home made natural products. EHC presents you the most effective home remedies to eliminate warts forever.


The turmeric powder is the most effective remedy to get rid of warts naturally. It removes the dirt from the body. Use the turmeric powder mixed with the water or the yogurt. Make a thick paste enough to get it stay on the wart. Turmeric is a major ingredient in all kinds of homemade products for the treatments and the care of skin.



Honey not only reduces warts, but it also gives a fine soothing effect on the skin. It cleans the body skin from the depth. Honey is the natural healer. It also gives a good and a fair complexion to the skin.


Vinegar should be applied on the affected area. It can be applied directly. It can also be mixed in luke warm water.


Glycerin is a quick remedy. Its results are very effective and fast. It can be used along with the honey or the vinegar. It should be applied to the affected area and then it should be washed away with the water after some time. It should be applied regularly for a permanent treatment.

Vitamin C

Wart should get covered with the vitamin C. It should be allowed to remain in that cover for some days. Then the covering can be removed, and it should be repeated until it gets cured permanently.


aleo vera wart

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is great natural herbs for healing skin damage. Take aloe vera leaf and cut the tip. Then let drain the juice and collect them. Freeze them and then apply to your affected area. Wash the affected area before and after the application.

Banana mash

Similar to milkweed, bananas contain a proteolytic enzyme that eats away at the wart. Twice a day, scrape the whitish mush off the inside of banana peel, and apply it to your wart. Wash your hands well afterwards to keep the warts from spreading. Repeat it until the wart is gone.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice softens warts. It has a high level of acidity, and a special enzyme to dissolve and eat away warts. You will need pure organic pineapple juice, a bowl, and a towel. Soak your wart in pure pineapple juice for 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, pat the area completely dry. Filing before doing this might make the area a little too sensitive, in which case, steer clear of it.


Permanent and regular use of lemon can keep the skin active and healthy. To get rid of warts, you should apply it directly. It might create a bit of an itching in the affected area. After some time, you may wash the skin with just warm water.

Cut it out

The warts can be cut out from the body with the help of a physician. Please do not try this on your own. This cutting out should only be done by an experienced physician.


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