Dealing with Sunken Eyes

Have you noticed that your eyes look somewhat gone deep in your head? Does it look like you have two black holes in your face?


Sunken eyes is a condition which mainly appears with aging and can happen due to many reasons, which can be external like stress, tension or internal like lack of sleep, dehydration, or improper diet. This is an aggravated condition of dark circles which makes the underside of eyes look more sunken. This condition is not generally serious, but it can be unsightly and embarrassing.


  • Bad food habits, too much fast food intake and indigestion
  • Internal weakness or stomach problems
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress and tension
  • Lack of hydration in the body
  • Lack of timely and proper treatment of dark circles
  • Too much caffeine intake or smoking


Home Remedies

1) Mix half a teaspoon of olive oil and almond oil of pure quality and massage this lotion under eyes before going to sleep at night. Continue for a month every night for improvement of the condition.

2) You can make a pack of sandal wood and honey and apply it under eyes. While you do this, lie down in a flat posture with head slightly lifted using a rolled towel or a thin pillow. Cover the eyes with cold slices of potato or cucumber and the honey pack on for 10-12 minutes.

3) Applying honey and lemon juice in the same way as above can also help.

4) Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. Cut on coffee and tea intake.

5) Chemical or cosmetic treatments can help in reducing sunken eye appearance.

6) Simple Isometric eye exercises can also help you eliminate hollow eyes

7) Cold or warm teabags are very effective for treating sunken eyes. Keep them on eyes, leave for few minutes. It helps to improve the blood circulation around the eyes, offers relaxation and thus reduces dark circles and pigmentation.

8) Apply a good quality sunscreen lotion to the affected eye area. In this way, any further damage to the skin in avoided.

9) Fish oil, rich in omega fatty acids can be applied topically under the eyes. It makes your under eye skin healthy and smooth.

10) Cucumber is said to be the best home remedy for dark circles and also extremely beneficial as it is known for its cooling effect.

11) Lemon juice is known to be a natural bleach. Apply fresh lemon juice on the skin around the eyes, as it helps in removing dead skin cells around the eyes. Lemon juice is a good home remedy for dark patchy skin, but while applying it around the eyes dilute the lemon juice with water.

12) Sleep can cure many diseases; lack of sleeping is a major factor that causes the development of sunken eyes. Sleeping not only heals your sunken eyes but also benefits your overall health.

13) Water plays a major role in keeping your body healthy. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday not only benefits your body but also aids in reducing problems related to skin or hair.


There are some exercises that eliminate hollows (“sunken-in” skin) under the eyes. Results can actually be noticeable within one week if this exercise is repeated frequently during the day. If continued, the hollows under the eyes can be completely eliminated within one to three months, depending upon how diligently this exercise is practiced. Keep in mind that the below-prescribed number of minutes is for building muscle. Less time is required to maintain muscle once it is built.

Isometric Exercise: 10 minutes per day, minimum (more time will produce faster results):

Sit, relax, and look straight ahead. Without moving your head, look upward as high as possible. Try to “nearly” close your eyes while looking upward. Your eyes should be almost closed, but not completely. Hold this position for 10 minutes without causing your eyes or face to wrinkle. It may be necessary to do this in front of a mirror the first few times in order to avoid wrinkling the face.

While performing this exercise, you can feel the orbicularis oculi muscle in the lower eye lid tighten and tension. Tensioning a muscle actually tones and builds the muscle. Once you learn exactly how to tension the orbicularis oculi muscle in the lower eye lid, you will be able to do it without looking upward. You will be able to do this exercise while reading, driving, surfing the internet, or chatting on the phone.

Once the desired level of muscle is achieved, muscle tone can be maintained permanently by practicing the above-described isometric exercise for 5 minutes daily, or 10 minutes every other day. Although for many, this amount of time is adequate, for some, additional time may be required if the hollows beneath the eyes begin to reappear. In these cases, increase the maintenance time as necessary. Each person establishes the exact number of maintenance minutes that works best for them.


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