Bedtime – Avoid doing these 6 things after 9pm

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Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep?  It helps you to stay healthy and also improves your overall mood and energy. 


But the quality of your sleep depends on how and what physical activity you do in the day, what type of food and drink you take, and most significantly it depends on what you don’t do after 9pm.  Try and follow these 6 don’ts after 9pm to invite a good and deep slumber.

Don’t eat meat after 9pm


Eating meat for dinner after 9pm raises your cholesterol level as well as puts you at risk for obesity.  Apart from this, eating meat disrupts your sleep cycle.  Fatty foods like meat are high in protein and take more time to digest, which puts pressure on your digestive system to overwork causing disruption in sleep cycle, thus disallowing you from getting a good sleep.  It can also cause sleep apnea as well as leave you irritated and groggy throughout the next day.

Don’t smoke cigarettes after 9pm

Smoking cigarettes, as you all know, are linked to lung cancers, cardiovascular diseases, depression, and anxiety.  Apart from this, nicotine a substance found in cigarettes which gets you addicted to smoking can disrupt your sleep on a larger scale; it can shift the natural circadian rhythm and give you a restless sleep accompanied by anxiety and other mood disorders.  Chronic smoking can also lead to complete sleeplessness or insomnia.


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Don’t wear a tight bra

Wearing bras to sleep is debatable, some women find it okay but some may find it not so okay.  But experts have a different view on this; they are of the opinion wearing too tight a bra to sleep can bother the quality of sleep as well as reduce blood circulation.  Tight fitting bras can cause skin irritation if the bras have underwire.  Wearing bras which are comfortable and without underwire is a better option if you insist on wearing a bra to sleep.

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Don’t use electronic gadgets after 9pm

Using electronic gadgets like TV, computer, e-readers, and smartphones are known to disrupt sleep.  If you are hooked to one of these devices after 9pm, you are risking the quality of your sleep.  This is due to the fact that the light emitted from these devices passes through your retina into a part of the hypothalamus and delays the release of melatonin, the hormone which induces sleep.

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Don’t drink too much water after 9pm.

Drinking too much water after 9pm or one hour before bedtime can hamper the quality of your sleep.  It can wake you up to have those late night washroom visits.  It can cause problems to the kidneys by making it overwork and can also cause water retention as well as bring down the salt level in your body.

Don’t get into stressful conversations after 9pm

Having conversations on topics that can cause stress to you should be avoided at any cost after 9pm or one hour before going to bed.  Stressful topics will give you racing thoughts which can disrupt your sleep.  You tend to toss and turn in bed and may even fail to catch a good sleep, it messes the quality of your sleep.  Chronic conversations of this type can lead to insomnia.


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