8Things That Keep You Away From Smiling

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The bad impact of tobacco on your tooth is manifold.  Nearly 60% of smokers have gum diseases which eventually lead to dental caries and death of the tooth.


Studies have shown that smokers undergo root canal treatment much more than their non-smoking counterparts.  You tobacco usage also contributes to gum recession, tooth pain, and tooth cavities.  It leads to cancer of the cheek, gums, throat, lungs, and mouth. 


Diabetics carry a higher risk for gingivitis and periodontitis than their non-diabetic counterparts.  Gingivitis and periodontitis are severe gum diseases.  If you are a diabetic, good dental hygiene, no smoking, good blood sugar control and regular glucose checkups can prevent tooth decay, dry mouth, and other serious gum diseases. 



A nightly glass of wine on a regular basis leave stains on the teeth that can eat away the protective calcium coating of your teeth, enamel wears away, and sensitivity develops giving you unbearable pain.  Wine also gives you dry mouth and bad breath.  Dry mouth helps microorganisms to flourish leading to plaque build-up and dental caries. Thorough rinsing of your mouth with water after drinking a glass of wine will keep dry mouth and bad breath away as well as prevents staining of your teeth.  Also, drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated.


bruxism of teeth


Bruxism (teeth grinding) causes chipping and sensitivity of teeth.  Bruxism affects nearly 30 to 40 million children and adults worldwide. Bruxism causes fractured dental fillings and other tooth damage.  Dentist can help you correct Bruxism.  They can help correct your tooth alignment and provide you with a custom-made night bite plate that prevents excessive tooth wear.

Dry mouth

Feeling of not enough saliva in the mouth. Saliva helps prevent mouth from drying and keeps plaque-building bacteria away from your teeth.  Longstanding dry mouth gives rise to plaques that encourages dental caries.  Stress and anger also gives rise to dry mouth.  Sip water frequently, avoid caffeinated drinks, tobacco, and alcohol use to keep away from dry mouth.

drinking hot

Hot drinks

Your harmless habit of drinking hot coffee or tea can cause superficial cracks on the enamel of the teeth that are not seen to naked eyes.   If the cracks are deeper, it leads to sensitivity and pain.  Tea and coffee without added milk contain tannin which can lodge itself between teeth crevices and help breed harmful bacteria that cause dental caries.  Hot drinks also stain your teeth.  Adding milk to your coffee and tea helps neutralize the acids from harming your teeth.

Aging and teeth

After all these years of grinding, chewing, and gnashing, teeth naturally starts to wear off.  You can slow down your teeth’s wear and tear. One way is to prevent sugary and starchy foods as carbohydrates present in them can cause plaque-buildup in your teeth that can cause dental caries.  Good dental hygiene combined with brushing and flossing your teeth for at least two times a day will help you to avoid dental caries.

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Too much teeth whitening or bleaching of your teeth cause tooth sensitivity and pain.  Certain gels and toothpastes carry abrasive ingredients which rub against your teeth and increase sensitivity and pain.



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