10-things you should avoid forcing down your household drains

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Don’t take your household drains for granted.  


You may not be aware that the household wastes that you force down the drains end up causing most of the sewer backup in your homes as well as sewer overflows in the storm drains.  Also, you may not be aware that the non-biodegradable substances that you wash down your household drains ends up in the water bodies and threatens the very ecosystem you live in?

From now on, it is best you think twice before you pour anything down the drain.


EHC points out 10 things that you should avoid forcing down your household drains.

Oils and fats

Don’t pour oils and fats into your sink.  You think it goes down the drain in the liquid form but what you are not aware is that the moment it comes in contact with the cold pipes underground, it solidifies and sticks to the walls of the pipes, it can cause sewer backup or overflow due to its build up over time. 

Coffee residues or dregs

If pushing coffee dregs down the drain is your regular practice, stop it, it can lead to excessive accumulation of residues in the pipes and can lead to sewer backup.

Produce stickers

These are small stickers used as deification mark on fruits and vegetables.  If you are in the habit of forcing these small stickers down the drain, stop it, excessive collection of it in the pipes can create unnecessary problems to the drainage system.


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Forcing clumps of hair down the drain can also clog the drainage system.  Together with other residues, it can obstruct the smooth flow of drainage water.

Food scraps

Flushing leftover foods or scraps down the drain on a regular basis can clog the drain due to excessive accumulation of the scraps.


Washing any chemicals down your drain is a big no-no.  It can reach the water bodies like lakes and rivers creating environmental hazards.

Tea leaves

If you are in the habit of putting tea leaves down the drain, avoid it.  Over time, it can build up and accumulate in the drain causing sewer overflow.

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Toxic c materials

Pouring materials like chemicals, turpentine, and paints into your sink is a complete no-no.  It not only damages the drainage system but also pollutes the water bodies and also affects the workers at the treatment plant.

Corrosive substances

Any corrosive substances that are acidic in nature shouldn’t go down the drain.  It can cause damage to the drainage system as well as the environment.

Rice and pasta

Foods like rice and pasta expands when it comes in contact with water.  If you force rice and pasta down your drain, the same thing happens here, it can expand and become sticky causing drains to clog.


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