Rock Salt – The Purest Form

rock salt

Pale in color but high in minerals, the Himalayan rock salt is naturally occurring and the purest form of salt. Unlike commercial salt, rock salt is neither iodized nor chemically processed. 


Rock salt can be consumed much like the regular sea salt with an added benefit of an impressive array of nutritional profile consisting of nearly 80 trace elements including calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, and selenium in abundance required by our body.

Use of rock salt is known to ease congestion and dry cough that leads to asthma.


Mineral Contents in Rock Salt

Rock salt has high quantities of phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, bromine, and iodine etcetera, and all these minerals occur in their natural form. 

Rock Salt and Health Benefits

Rock salt and Metabolism

Rock salt enhances metabolism that finally leads to improved functioning of our body system. It facilitates water absorption, especially in the function of digestive system and other organs. Rock salt should be consumed in moderation.

Rock salt and Mood

Due to its quality of ensuring better oxygen flow, rock salt helps improve your mood.

Rock Salt and Respiratory Ailments

An interesting fact is that lamps made out of rock salt can act as a natural air ionizer which helps eliminate harmful ions found in the air and thus making breathing much easier for you. Problems like dry coughs, bronchitis, or asthma could be alleviated using lamps made out of rock salt.

Rock Salt and Stress

Rock salt is known to possess and release certain aroma which helps relax the body and mind and thus helps relieve you of your stress. Rock salt induces a calming effect.


salt for appetitie

Rock salt and your appetite

Rock salt helps stimulate the process of digestion thus helping you to have an improved appetite.

Rock Salt and Sore Throat

Dissolve some rock salt in boiled water.  Mix the solution thoroughly. Gargle the mixture to relieve yourself of your annoying sore throat.

Rock Salt for a Relaxing Bath

Mix a few rock salt crystals in your bath water in a bath tub and immerse your body in it. This will give a relaxing effect to your muscles as well as help induce deep sleep.  It is also best known to lower blood pressure and also detoxify your body.

Rock Salt in a drink

Add few rock salt crystals with fresh mint leaves to a glass of Lassi to have a highly refreshing and invigorating drink that aids in digestion. It also balances the production of your salivary juices.

Rock Salt as a natural source of Sodium

Unlike the commercial table salt which is chemically processed, rock salt is natural occurring with high content of sodium. As you know, sodium is very essential for your body to function properly. Sodium helps to balance the blood volume and pressure as well as aids in muscle contractions and also various heart functions.

Rock Salt as a cooking medium

Rock salt can be used in cooking.  Rock salt comprises of minerals that are good for our health, but care should be taken to use it in moderation because of its high sodium content. A one-quarter teaspoon of rock salt contains 500 mg of sodium. Excess sodium content in your body is not at all good.

Rock Salt and its benefits to hair

Rock salt is known to possess an excellent cleansing property, thus helping to remove dirt from your hair without damaging your hair structure and composition. 

Mix few rock salt crystals in your shampoo. Use this blended shampoo to wash your hair. Wait for 20-30 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water in order to remove the residue. Feel the effect.


Rock salt with its rich composition of essential minerals is good for your health, but care should be taken to moderate your intake as consumption of this in excess will cause potassium-sodium imbalance that leads to various heart ailments.  Excess sodium intake results in fluid retention and potassium deficiency results in high blood pressure which directly impacts the liver and the kidneys as well.  Medical fraternity has advised that adults should not exceed more than 2300 mg of sodium intake a day.


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