How to detoxify your Lung

lungs purification

The lungs act as mediators between the air outside the body and the air within the blood stream. To cleanse the lungs means to rid your body of the toxins that could be affecting the function of the organ. According to Elson M. Hass, M.D., the lungs function best when they are clean and healthy and periodically detoxing them will keep them this way.


The lungs can be toxic and polluted by breathing in polluted air such as factory smog, car exhaust, chemical elements, pollen and other fumes. It can also become polluted by eating the wrong foods, as we now know our foods are filled with chemicals that are toxic, even though the FDA says that in small amounts these chemicals won’t hurt us.

When we breathe through our nose and throat, mucous gathers up these irritants, protecting the mucous membranes that line the upper respiratory system. As the lungs get filled with toxic mucus, they lose their ability to expand fully and inhale enough oxygen. Then the amount of oxygen in the lungs and blood becomes limited, which can cause many health issues.


Ailments which can be helped by doing a lung cleanse:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Colds and coughs
  • Sinus problems
  • Depression
  • Digestive disorders
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Heart problems
  • Weak immune system

If you smoke, or did so previously, or work in unclean air with chemicals, spray paint or other chemicals, you should absolutely do a lung cleanse. It will improve your lung function and expel harmful toxins from your body.

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Benefits of doing a lung cleanse:

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the lungs and airways
  • Promotes and reduces the amount of toxins in the body
  • Improved digestion
  • Promotes healthy mucous membranes
  • Promotes a healthier respiratory system
  • Relaxed and calm nervous system
  • Increase of oxygen to nourish the cells and organs
  • Improves blood quality and normalizes blood pressure
  • Better immunity against colds and allergies

Doing a lung detox will also help your bronchi, sinuses and nasal passages.

Lung Exercises

while we use our lungs all the time to breath in and out it is amazing how poorly we utilize these organs. By breathing only very shallowly and not exercising their full potential we encourage impurities to reside deep down where we do not disturb these particles for lack of good deep breathing.

Doing exercise is of course the best way to get your lungs moving with cardio exercises and swimming being excellent ways to strengthen your lungs you can also do some simple lung exercises at home.

Deep breathing stretching of the torso can allow you to increase your lung capacity and to breathe out stale air and toxin from your lungs. You sometimes really need to push this and end up almost coughing but this exchange of bad air for new cleaner air is very helpful.

The exercises also allow you to expand your lungs and contract them more than you usually would that breaks up tar a little bit more.


There are some changes in your nutrition that can also help you achieve a successful home remedy to detox your lungs.

Some of these foods simply help in an all body detox which will help your body naturally fight toxins and flush impurities from your body and other have a more direct effect on the health of your lungs.

  • Water – Drinking more fluid is always good. Better hydration allows all organs including the lungs to refresh themselves staying moist and flushing old impure fluid out.
  • Avoid Mucus causing foods – Foods that generate mucus are a bad idea when trying to clear your lungs. This sticky stuff collects impurities and hangs around in your throat and can drain into lungs. Try to avoid dairy products such as cheeses and milk of course.
  • Increase anti-mucus foods – Foods such as onion, garlic, ginger and pepper are very good for this.
  • Anti-oxidants  Drinking green tea and other drinks and foods associated with high levels of anti-oxidants helps the detox process. . Eat a diet full of a variety of healthy foods and supplement with vitamins A, C, E and selenium to increase the antioxidant power of your lungs.

Grape Cleanse

In the book, “Staying Healthy with the Seasons,” author Elson M. Hass, M.D., recommends a grape cleanse to clean out the lungs. Drink freshly squeezed grape juice for five to seven days, or eating only grapes work. You may drink a glass of lemonade each day to balance the flavors if the grape taste becomes too sweet. Also take 1 tbsp. olive oil twice daily and drink a laxative tea morning and night to keep the intestines moving. The grape juice acts as a tonic for the lungs and will help detoxify them.


Pistachios don’t provide the same direct lung cleansing benefits the way many herbs do. But they’re still important to anyone interested in improving their lung health. Studies suggest that pistachios may help prevent lung cancer. They contain a special type of Vitamin E, known as gamma-tocopherol that can possibly offer a certain level of protection against some forms of lung cancer. More research is needed to prove this conclusively, but, either way, these delicious nuts still provide a spectrum of benefits.. Pistachios are also thought to help lower cholesterol. Raw pistachios are the best choice and make a great, regular snack. It’s easy to snack on raw nuts and experience satisfaction without empty calories or the weight gain that comes with them.

Plantain Leaf

Plantain is another food that can help cleanse your lungs. Plantain Leaf, which is a popular food wrap in Cuba and other Latin American countries, is not seen in the mainstream in North American. However, you can find it, and I would recommend using plantain leaf makes as a very tasty wrap around a number of foods. A quick online search for “plantain leaf recipes” will bring up items you should try. As always, avoid recipes that call for processed sugar or flour, use organic or locally grown, vegetables and hormone free foods as ingredients.

Cayenne Pepper

Eaten both as a foodstuff and used as a seasoning, these popular peppers can contribute as many as 17 health and wellness benefits to the body. They have been known to help suppress inflammation, suppress irritating coughs and sore throats, and help with symptoms of colds and flu. Cayenne pepper helps break up and move congested mucus, making them a recommended food for anyone who is suffering from bronchial congestion or symptoms of allergy-related respiratory ailments. 


This vegetable is rich in many nutrients that have great health benefits. Vitamin C, folic acid and B6 are all in abundance which helps preventing many health issues. They also help to prevent blood clots and have been known to help fight against lung cancer as well.

Non-Dairy Alternatives

Dairy food is great, but too much can hurt your lung detox processes. This is because dairy foods can clog up your lungs with more mucus making it harder to get rid of the tar that locks in the toxins. Reduce milk, cheese, and other dairy foods and you will do your lungs a favour!


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