Homoeopathy – In the way of Development


Today Homoeopathy is the system, which is fast growing and developing into a scientific, logical, trustworthy, quick and less expensive method of healing…


Homeopathic medicines are non toxic absolutely harmless and bring about safe and bring about safe and sure cure.  Homeopathy proves that it gives a wide range of relief from acute and chronic diseases.

  1. Homeopathic treatment is available for almost all types of diseases.
  2. Some people believe that homeopathic treatment will make delay in healing process. It is not true, when the treatment starts, we can feel, good relief will start with in a minute itself.
  3. There is vast misunderstanding and misbelief among people that while taking homeopathic medicines, we should avoid coffee, cardamom, and other spices. It is not true.
  4. Homeopathic medicines are very effective for de-addiction management for alcoholism, tobacco usage and drug cases.  And our medicines are effective for side effects caused from other systems of medicines.


  1. People can use homeopathic medicines along with allopathic medicines when is used for other diseases. For example those taking insulin or taking medicine for kidney diseases can take homeopathic medicine for other diseases with out side effects.
  2. Homeopathic medicines are effective for life style diseases like stress, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid dysfunctions, autoimmune diseases etc.
  3. Homeopathy is found effective in so-called incurable diseases.
  4. Homoeopathy have a wide scope over cosmetology
  5. Homoeopathy have useful treatment for negates, children and geriatric(old age) cases
  6. almost 50% of surgical diseases can be cured by homeopathic treatment without doing surgery
  7. contagious viral diseases like chicken guinea  chicken pox, dengue fever, conjunctivitis, gastro enteritis  etc have better treatment  is available in homeopathy, and will get quick relief for these diseases also.  Effective preventive medicines also available in homoeopathy.
  8. Homeopathy helps to improve immunity of a person so that tendency of recurrent diseases can be prevented.


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10 thoughts on “Homoeopathy – In the way of Development

  1. This is true.. I have personal exp for getting relieved from recurrent diseases. Taking time is still a matter, I felt it mostly take more time than allopathic though.

  2. expect more good articles about HOMEOPATHY from Ethnic health court.. People should know the benefit of Homeopathic treatment….

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