30 Tips to become a Great Romantic husband?


21. Call your wife with loving nicknames that she loves. This will show her how deeply in love you are with her.

22. Take care of her. Your wife may feel overwhelmed with kids and work. Don’t hesitate to cook her favorite food or make her favorite drink. Help with the kids and help around the house (like doing dishes). Wives aren’t superwomen as much as you’d like them to be.

23. Treat her like she’s the only girl in the world, after all, she is your life partner.

24. Make your family respect her as your wife regardless of what you go through in relationship.

25. Don’t hide any platonic female friends you have. If she “finds out,” it becomes close to impossible to convince her that you & your friend are “just friends.”

26. Husbands and wives live together but make sure you spend enough quality time together. This means laughing, talking, just having fun together. Make her see that wherever you are you feel like home when you are with her.

27 . If you have done something to hurt her, even if you didn’t mean to, tell her you are sorry and show her affection. This must be sincere! There’s nothing worse than an “I’m sorry” that is put on or phony.

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28. Respect your partners .Compliment her on her achievements and encourage her to follow her dreams.

29. Run your finger through her hair Or massage his temples. Do this while she relaxes. Remember, your touch is important to him.

30. Take her to sea shores once in a while without kids and make her feel your love. That love will surely lap at her shore of emotions.

No-one should expect to get back the honeymoon phase romance but you can recreate elements of that where you treat each other with a little more kindness and a little bit more love which also is the basis of kick-starting romance.

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