Sensual Dreams & Their Interpretations

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You are naked and fooling around with some sensual mystery hunk. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of his face and … it’s your old third-grade music teacher? That’s when you wake up.

Actually you were having a play dream. Research confirms that most of us dream about play often. But just why do we have play dreams? And what does it mean when the other person involved is your boss, your best friend, or a movie actor?

All dreams, even sensual dreams, can be easily connected to things going on in your life. Every character in your dream represents a small snippet of your own personality. When someone pops up in your sensual dream, it doesn’t necessarily imply you want to be intimate with this person. Instead, he or she probably possesses some admirable personality trait (such as leadership skills, kindness, or a flair for fashion) that you recognize in yourself but haven’t yet fully developed.

Some play dreams may simply be “wish fulfillment” (you probably won’t be able to score with this person in real life, so you resort to your dreams). These dreams are usually more complex, reflecting your own personal desires and fears. EHC brings you the common play dreams and their possible meanings.

Having it with Ex-partner

If you have a racy dream about your ex, don’t pick up the phone. It most likely means that you are still processing some unfinished feelings about him or her. If you are with someone new, the ex play dream might signify fears you are having about your new relationship and/or the resurgence of the types of feelings you felt with your ex. Pay close attention to the nature of the sensual experience and how you felt during the dream, as it will give you insight into what type of unfinished feelings you have about your ex.

Having it with a Family Member

Incest dreams are by far the most disturbing and hardest to shake off when you wake up. If you have never been a victim of incest, dreaming of play with a family member can mean a few different things — none of them insidious. Play with a parent may have to do with transitioning into adulthood or becoming a parent yourself. Play with any family member can be about acceptance, deep forgiveness, a longing to be closer or heal a rift


If you are not homosensual in your waking life, but dream of having play with someone of the same gender, it’s about your self-esteem. Depending on how the dream plays out, this same sensual dream is about loving parts of yourself that you have been less than accepting of. Homo sensual play with a friend may be a commentary about some rift between you, insecurities about the friendship, or some quality or talent they have that you emulate.

Having it with a Celebrity

Dreaming about getting it on with a celebrity is all about your desire to attain more fame, fortune, recognition or bolster your social status.

With a Stranger

It is about balance, about merger of the male and female aspects of yourself. And actually, play with a stranger in a dream, given that it is not scary or traumatic, can be quite a fortuitous sign of personal growth. It is also interesting to take note of what kinds of strangers you are having in your dreams. These strange men will let you know what state your animus is in. For example, if your animus man is always under-evolved in some way, it means you need to work on strengthening your masculine aspects. If your animus is a big, strong, overpowering type, you may need to work on nurturing your femininity.


Again, if you have been raped in real life, rape dreams will have a completely different meaning for you and you should seek help. If you have not been the victim of rape, it is still quite common to have rape dreams.

Rape is about violation, about being forced upon, about your well-being and self-esteem being threatened. These dreams were an unguent call to action that this guy would destroy my self-esteem. That he would seriously violate my self-worth if I kept seeing him.


Not to flip out if you dream of cheating or being cheated on by your partner. Chances are this dream is simply about anxieties or insecurities present in your relationship. If you are the one doing the cheating, you are probably guilty about some residual issues.

With your Boss

You may be sensually attracted to your boss. But if you are having play with him in a dream, your subconscious is probably becoming aware of your own ability to make decisions and act as a leader. So once you shake that post-sensual-dream awkwardness, perhaps you should schedule a date with your boss, to discuss your future with the company.

Having it in Public

Right in the middle of a public place, you suddenly realize you are onstage or in a roomful of people…with all eyes on you. If the crowd makes you self-conscious, you could be worried that people are gossiping about your relationship. Are you afraid your pals don’t like him? Did you start dating while he was still with someone else? On the other hand, should being in the spotlight feel deliciously naughty, it means you have a hankering to flaunt your sizzling sensual life to the world.

Flying through the Sky

You have had a mind-blowing booty session recently, right? That would explain why you are soaring in your sleep. The freewheeling rush you get from whizzing through the air could be a mental celebration of great play. The thrilling sensations in the dream are similar to the high you experience when you extreme pleasure.

You Spot a Snake

Not all animal-related scenarios are positive though. If scaly reptiles give you the shivers, then a snake nightmare points to worries you have, possibly about play. Also, most people connect snakes with being sneaky. This dream could signal you have subconsciously picked up on the fact that a guy you have been seeing is using you for play or hiding something about his sensual past. You may call it intuition, from fantasy!

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