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The kidneys are important organs of elimination. They filter the waste from all of the liquids which pass through your body. They separate pure liquids from impure liquids. They also filter the blood, separating the clean blood from impure blood. All of the waste materials which are filtered through the kidneys are passed though the kidneys and out of the body through the urine


Why do we need a kidney detox?

The kidneys have various functions including maintaining blood pressure, as well as monitoring the fluid levels in our body and keeping things at an even keel, making us excrete more or less fluid in the form of urine as the situation demands.

And it monitors this constantly. Minute by minute, second by second. It never stops but we don’t really notice it. We just notice when it all goes horribly wrong and we get sick.

The main function of the kidneys however, is to cleanse our blood. By this I mean rid our system of all the harmful waste products of metabolism, as well as various other toxins and poisons that our body has absorbed one way or another and are now floating around in our system.


How often should we do a kidney detox?

We really should get into the habit of doing this three or four times a year to help keep us in tip top shape and the same with natural liver detox also.

These two simple things alone, done regularly alongside of adopting a healthy lifestyle including lots of water, fruit and vegetables and exercise would save so much misery and suffering later that I can’t even begin to quantify it. Truly I can’t. We should be doing this every day of our lives and not just during a kidney detox or a natural liver detox.

A minimum would be 2 litres a day but during a detoxification program you would need to double that.

The kidneys can’t flush things out very readily if it doesn’t have the raw ingredient to do the flushing with.

You can easily tell if you are drinking enough by looking at the color of your urine. It should be a clear straw color. A pale yellow.

If it is a darker yellow then this means that the kidneys are producing more concentrated urine as there is not enough water available so just go and drink a couple of glasses and then look at the next batch of urine that you produce. It will be more dilute.

If you have very dark urine, even brown, then you really do have a problem and for sure you need to start drinking more water immediately but you should also go to the physician and get some lab works done, in particular kidney function tests in case there is something going on that needs addressing


kidney protection

Tips and Warnings

  • It is best to stick with a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, eating as many raw meals as you can. If raw salads prove too much, you can lightly steam your vegetables and combine them with some of the grains listed above. As your kidneys detoxify you will notice that your eyes become brighter and your skin clearer as your body gains more energy and vigor. Often with a serious kidney detox, you will see problems related to arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, liver and kidney ailments and other illnesses begin to clear up.
  • While engaging in a serious kidney detox, stay away from protein-rich foods such as red meat. Eating meat and poultry can place an extra burden on your metabolic system as the body endeavors to detoxify. Avoid canned juices as well as products that contain processed sugar and additives.

Step 1

The key to healthy kidneys comes from eating an abundance of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, such as those mentioned below. Fresh produce helps to cleanse, regenerate and build our bodies by providing our organs with natural foods that are unadulterated by cooking processes or additives. Placing fruits in a blender with pure water or unsweetened apple or grape juice and eating leafy green salads with fresh lemon dressing help keep our organs alkalized, energized and cleansed.

Fresh cranberries

  • Grapes·  Lemons·  Blueberries·  Spinach·  Dandelion·  String Beans·  Asparagus·  Parsley·  Ginger·  Nettles·  Turmeric powder·  Tofu·  Barley·  Millet·  Nuts·  Seeds·  Lemon Balm·  Marshmallow root·  Licorice·  Uva extract·  Wu Zi Wan


Any variety of organically cultivated fresh grapes is suitable for cleansing the kidneys. Grapes are a rich source of potassium, and potassium has the ability to stimulate alkaline blood regulation, ensure that the kidneys function optimally and maintain heartbeat.

Grapes also help in cleansing the liver and kidneys by flushing out waste products like uric acid. A tall glass of fresh grape juice without adding water and sugar, if taken in the morning or afternoon, will ensure adequate kidney functioning. One can also eat fresh grapes regularly if it is not possible to run these in the blender everyday. Either way, grapes included in the regular diet help in kidney cleansing and detox.


Cranberries are a rich source of quinine, which converts itself to another chemical constituent called hippuric acid in the liver. This hippuric acid helps in the elimination of toxins like urea and uric acid which have a tendency to accumulate and cause several disease conditions. A cup of cranberries run through the blender with an adequate amount of water and one spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice will help work effectively as a kidney detox mechanism.

Nettle & Dandelion

Nettle soup or dandelion herbal teas are extremely effective in cleansing the kidneys and flushing out toxins. Herbal teas can be consumed two or three times per day.

Ginger Root & Turmeric Tea

Ginger root is another extremely effective kidney detox and, for maximum benefit, one can add turmeric to the mix since turmeric has some excellent antiseptic properties too. Ginger root peeled and boiled with two to three pinches of turmeric powder, strained, filtered and consumed can work effectively in flushing toxins out from the kidneys. This tea can be consumed twice everyday post lunch and dinner since it is good for digestion, too.

The easiest way to do a kidney cleansing is to purchase 20 to 100 pounds of watermelon (few huge melons), sit in a bath filed with water, eat all the watermelon throughout a day (as much as you can), and while continually emptying your urinary bladder into the water. In this way, people have dissolved big stones, and then passed small kidney stones out of their body. Note that this kidney cleanse is not suitable for diabetics.

  • Avoid animal fat and red meats. Consume no saturated fats. This includes full-fat dairy products, fried foods, margarine, soft drinks and commercial oils (canola, corn and sunflower

How to Detox your Kidneys (3 days plan)

3 day healthy detox cleanse is recommended to normalize the kidneys . She further states that after the cleanse one should eat a healthy diet. Make sure and drink at least 8 glasses of filtered or bottled water a day.

It is also important have a green lifestyle and to eat organic food as much as possible. To detox the kidneys is to rid the body of toxic chemicals. Remember that most of our food today is loaded with harmful toxins that can greatly affect your health and well-being.

Upon rising : Take 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar or lemon, 1 teaspoon of honey, and lemon juice in water. Or 2 Tables spoons of cranberry concentrate with water.

Breakfast: Have a glass of apple, papaya, juice. Then some slices of watermelon, papaya, mango, or banana .

Mid Morning: Have a vegetable drink, apple juice, or a green drink such as wheat-grass or barley grass. Dandelion, watermelon, and parsley are also good choices.

Lunch: Have a green salad with a lot of spinach, watercress , celery with tofu or yogurt dressing.

Mid Afternoon : Have a cup of alkalizing tea such as dandelion, corn silk, plantain, or oat straw.

Dinner: Have some brown rice, tofu, steamed vegetables, or steamed asparagus with miso soup.

Before Bed : Take a glass of mango, apple, or papaya juice or 2 tablespoons of cranberry concentrate with water.


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