How To Turn Off Your Weight Gain Hormones

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This article brings to you some lesser known reasons causing weight gain and some easy diet control suggestions for the same.


What recent researches indicate is that many of our hormones could be playing roles bigger than what we believed in causing excessive weight gain. This means that you can try but not be successful at getting rid of those extra pounds by just dieting or workout!

Thyroid disparity is at least one popular reason everyone has heard to cause unnatural weight gain. Non-active thyroid leads to very low metabolism rate and hence weight gain. Clearly, limiting the intake of calories cannot help you in this scenario.


However it might work against the case of Leptin which is another hormone infamous for causing weight gaining problems.  High fat content in the body leads to high levels of Leptin which then becomes incapable of informing the brain that you are not hungry.  Hence you end up eating a lot more than you need. Try not to increase your suggested five portions of fruits, and cut down on processed foods, in order to decrease your leptin levels.

Cortisol is an anxiety or “stress hormone” that is predisposed to increasing and transforming blood sugar into body fat. It is comparatively simple to reduce cortisol levels by decreasing stress.

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Estrogen, while accomplished of keeping you lean by modifiable insulin creation, may also prove to be the cause of your overweight problems. When your estrogen stages are raised, the quantity of sugar in your bloodstream rises and stores glucose in human body as increasing fat tissue. Inadequate consumption of fiber can command to excess estrogen.

Every day, we are exposed to different toxins that prowl in the food we eat on daily bases, the beauty products we use, even in the air we breathe. When they are absorbed into the human body, they act as estrogen does. When your estrogen stages activate to far surpass your testosterone stages, it negatively effects to your muscle growth that supports your metabolism level. Low metabolic level, of course, plays a large role in weight gain.

Make sure you consult a doctor if you suspect weight gain due to thyroid related problems. Below are some diet tweaks which could help you have these hormones under control.

Ways to turn off your weight gain hormones


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Eat plenty of protein

Ghrelin or the “hunger hormone” is produced in the digestive system so as to increase one’s appetite when the body requires energy. So cutting down Ghrelin simply means you are cutting down your hunger! This can be easily achieved if you eat a diet high in protein and avoid high fat foods. Protein helps suppress Ghrelin production in the digestive system to keep you from eating more and gaining weight.

Remove sugar from your diet

Sugar is sneaky because it shows up in many forms in many foods. Getting rid of it entirely can be pretty taxing. However, it is undoubtedly the best way to cut down the weight gain hormone insulin. Insulin is most closely associated with the disease diabetes, which affects millions of people worldwide. The pancreas produces insulin to help digest sugars that you eat. High levels of insulin in your blood can affect the likelihood of weight gain. Insulin helps glucose to be absorbed by the cells and stored as energy, which is why you can gain weight when you have more sugar in your diet. Storing energy in fat cells is definitely not what you need when you want to turn off weight gain!

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Eat less dairy

The reason why you should give up on dairy products is quiet straight. Nutritional and medical experts have realized that the milk that cows and other animals provide contains hormones which are meant for growth of their own young, not humans. Avoid these non-human hormones that can mess with your own. Hormone free dairy products are also not necessarily a safe means of avoiding extra hormones that can cause weight gain.

Avoid soy products

Estrogen has a role in the production of leptin which as we discussed regulates satiety. Satiety is how satisfied we feel when we eat. When Estrogen level decreases due to various reasons the body fat content increases. For example research shows women undergoing menopause experience a natural decrease in the estrogen that their body produces and is observed to cause increase in body fat. Research suggests that increasing estrogen levels through dietary changes could help increase the production of leptin, which can help turn off weight gain. Soy products are particularly dangerous as they contain phytoestrogen which can block the human normal estrogen in the body.

stress and caffine

Reduce stress and caffeine intake

The “stress hormone” cortisol is released when we are frustrated, overwhelmed or feeling stuck. Stress eating is real and people who binge, especially on so called ‘comfort foods’ are likely to be engaging in a destructive pattern of behavior that will lead to weight gain. Rather than allowing your stress to dictate when and what you eat, seek to reduce sources of stress in your life to reduce cortisol levels in your body. If work is overwhelming, delegate parts that someone else can handle. If your home life is stressful, sit outside in nature for 5 minutes while breathing deeply to relax and recharge. Another most common catalyst for this problem is taking more coffee which drastically surges production of this hormone.

Reduce grains

Surprised to hear this? Well you wouldn’t after you know how grains can be counterproductive to weight control. Grain consumption has been linked to thyroid hormone production being slowed down. Reducing the intake of grains in your diet can help regulate your thyroid hormone levels and turn off weight gain. The thyroid is one of the most important factors to consider when examining weight gain.

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