Health Rumors – Myths and Truths

health rumor

Everyone has the right to make their comments and that is how rumors get started. We are conditioned to listen to rumors and if it is about health, then our confusion prevails the most. We will put some of the health rumors at rest. Please read on.


Rumor – 1

Myth: If you swallow chewing gum, it takes seven years for it to pass through your alimentary canal.

Truth: If you had at any time swallowed a chewing gum inadvertently, don’t worry, be happy. Your digestive tract cannot digest the chewing gum, and at the same time, the chewing gum will not remain in your stomach, it is pushed through the digestive tract by the normal pushing action called peristaltic motion. The chewing gum’s journey ends in the toilet bowl when you take a trip to the bathroom. 


Rumor – 2

Myth: Pluck one grey hair and two grows back

Truth: It’s okay to pluck that pesky grey hair off you; if you have one. For every grey hair pulled out, you get a new grey hair; nothing more, nothing less. Only one hair can grow per follicle. Instead of a new black hair, you get a grey hair because the pigment called melanin is no longer doing its job.

Rumor – 3

Myth: Use of antiperspirant deodorant leads to breast cancer.

Truth: Thus far, there is no strong evidence through epidemiologic studies to prove that there is a link between antiperspirant deodorant use and breast cancer. Trace aluminium found in antiperspirants might show up in the mammogram as false-positive, and this might have given way to this rumor.   According to the National Cancer Institute, there is no definitive evidence to conclude a relation between breast cancer and antiperspirant deodorant use.

Rumor – 4

Myth: Cats can steal the air from a baby’s mouth

Truth: Cats as baby killers, no way!!  It is just a myth, a foolish rumor. The cat cannot steal anyone’s breath. So when your baby moves in, it is not necessary your Lily (cat) moves out. It is impossible for a cat or for that matter any animal to suffocate your baby’s mouth with its own. There is no harm in allowing cats near your baby, but it is highly warranted that it must be under your supervision in order to avoid any other kinds of injury to the baby as well as the cat. 


breaking knuckles

Rumor – 5

Myth: You get arthritis if you crack your knuckles.

Truth: Other than the pops and clicks being a major annoyance to those around, knuckle cracking won’t give you arthritis. Knuckles crackers do it out of habit or boredom. Studies have shown that long-time knuckle crackers would tend to have weaker grips and hand swelling, but otherwise it is harmless. Best if avoided, other than the occasional cracking you do with your knuckles when you get bored.

Rumor – 6

Myth: Drinking cold water after meals can lead to cancer.

Truth: Water is considered the elixir of life and it is one of the healthiest drinks you can have with any kinds of foods; hot, warm, or cold. This probably is a rumor which surfaced not so long ago about cold water facilitating oily fats in your meals to solidify, form a sludge, and line the intestine causing cancer. Studies have proved that there is no evidence to support the fact that cold water after meals can lead to cancer. This is just a myth. Go ahead drink cold water if your body tolerates it.


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