Dream of your Lover – The Way You Like It

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Why do I love you? Because you are and always have been my dream.

A life characterized by love is said to be like “living a dream.” Most of our life has nothing but to do with love and dreams. Dreams usually vary between two extremes: they are either extremely pleasant or extremely unpleasant. Here are some tricks on teaching yourself to dream about someone specifically. If you’re just looking to be more specific in your dreaming habits, so you can dream about someone you love, or someone you have a crush on, then read on.

You can’t just tell yourself to dream about someone you want.

You got to convince your subconscious to put them in your dream state. That requires a few daily exercises to help do that. Just thinking about someone isn’t enough. You need tokens, symbols, or anything that automatically makes you reflect on this person. You might not literally dream about this person every night (not at least until you get very good at lucid dreaming), but if you follow these methods you should eventually start dreaming about this person regularly.

Day Dream About this Person – One thing to practice and prepare your self is day dreaming regularly about this person. If you’re trying to dream about someone it is important to visualize about them daily. This goes beyond thinking, “Oh I wonder what she’s doing” kind of visualization. You need specifics. Waking thought patterns often lead to dreams. Just thinking and wondering about them is not enough. You need to bury images of this person into your subconscious. Visualize actually seeing their face, talking with them, at specific settings. Be as vivid as possible as to where you can identify what color shirt they are wearing. You got to be very descriptive with your images and visualization.

Reminisce of Past Experiences – Visualize a time and place the two of you shared. Past experiences often lead to dreams, especially past experiences that had some significant meaning to you. If you reminisce and day dream about them enough, they’re likely to pop up in your dream. This works best when you’re about to go to sleep.

Mark Your Hand With the Person’s Name – Not really inspired from Bollywood, but marking hands with this person’s name does a few things. It prepares you for a potential dream state where you do this, and it automatically allows your mind to reflect on them, which can lead to a dream like state of this person.

Keep Reminder Tokens of Them – Reminder tokens are great ways to help yourself dream specifically about someone. Symbols that make you reflect and think about someone is the best way to dream about someone specific. It doesn’t have to be something they’ve given you, but something that automatically makes you think of them. You’ll know what’s best. However, these tokens are best if they represent happy and pleasing thoughts of them. Otherwise you might have some bad dreams of them.

Start Writing a Dream Journal – Pen down all the thoughts you have about this person and this journal can help create your dream. Be sure to include every single detail. Even the smallest details will have much importance! Whether you awaken in the middle of the night or in the morning to an alarm, write down anything you remember right away. Don’t go to the bathroom or speak to anyone before recording your dreams. This helps to get that person in dreams again and again.

Think, Hear, & See – Think about or watch some photos of the person you want to dream. Then lie down, close your eyes, and try and recollect the images. If nothing happens, try once more. It is important that you don’t watch anything before you go to bed.

Remind Yourself Tell yourself to remember your dreams. Simply telling yourself as you fall asleep that you want to remember your dreams often helps.

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Ways to Get Pleasant Dreams

1. Go to bed early. A sleep study conducted in 2011 for the journal Sleep and Biological Rhythms concluded that university students who stayed up later tended to have more unpleasant dreams than those who hit the sack early.

2. Control your diet. Nightmares can be triggered by a variety of things, including late-night snacking, alcohol, caffeine, or cigarettes. If you have persistent nightmares, then consider cutting out these substances, and don’t eat for two hours before you go to sleep.

3. Tackle stress. Oftentimes, negative dreams are a reflection of the stress or anxiety we are experiencing in our everyday lives. Try not to dwell on these things while you are lying in bed trying to fall asleep. Instead, take a moment to clear your head and think of positive things.

4. Avoid watching violent, scary, or otherwise stressful movies and television shows before going to bed, as these can cause nightmares.

5. Getting regular exercise can help you ease stress levels, have better dreams, and get to sleep faster. Don’t work out too close to bedtime as this can keep you up all night.

6. Put roses in your bedroom. Scientists conducted a dream study in which women were exposed to the scent of roses throughout the night for 30 nights, and reported having more pleasant dreams than usual. It is believed that the scent elicits positive emotions, which in turn make dreams more pleasant.

7. You can also use rose-scented oils, body lotions, or candles. Be sure to blow out the candles before going to sleep, to prevent fires!

Dreams have the capacity to inspire, enliven, and influence. If you look at our myths and legends, they are full of prophetic dreams and heart-blazing loves. So embrace good dreams of your love and have a good life.

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