Your Lips Show Who You Are!!

lips shape

Did you know that lips disclose character traits? The ancient skill of Chinese face-reading links lip features to identity. Your mouth-shape mirrors how you relate to people.


Likewise, your lip print bears the stamp of your temperament. Below are amazing facts your mouth reveals about you. Lipsology is the science of lip analysis. It’s the interpretation of mouth characteristics, such as size, shape, fullness and contours. Here is a short overview of the varieties of lips and what they say about you.


Women with plump lips are confident and courageous. They care deeply about people and put others’ needs first. Generous and nurturing, they naturally gravitate toward motherhood. They also value friendship and social connections. The thicker a woman’s lips are, the more passionate she is.



Thin-lipped women tend to be loners. They’re independent, cautious, and reserved. Determined and persistent, they’re high achievers. They also have a sweet and sensitive side.


Women with outstretched mouths are lively and talented. They have a variety of interests and a large circle of friends. They tend toward perfectionism, although they are adaptable. They march to the beat of their own drum and don’t follow the crowd.

types of lips


Button-shaped kissers are vivacious and charming. They’re self-assured, adventurous, and unafraid to take risks. They glow with bright charisma.


Bow-shaped lips have a peaked cupid’s bow. This signals a creative and quick-minded woman. She’s the essence of glamour and elegance. Heart shapes are expressive in voicing opinions. They grab life by the horns and take charge of situations. These romantic lips speak of exuberance and vigor.

Plump in the Center

Fullness on front and center identifies a natural performer. She likes to be in the spotlight, at the center of attention. Thin corners indicate a fun-loving gal.

Golidlocks Lips

These lips aren't particularly thick or thin, but rather, "just right." The cupid's bow doesn't have any significant peaks or dips but it also isn't lacking in definition. Goldilocks lips are a sign of being level-headed and undramatic. Women with Goldilocks lips are considerate and make good partners.

The prints these lips make also say something more. Lets see what:

lips wallpaper


Your upper lips peak at a central point and your lower lip follows a straight line.

Interpretation – You excel at recognizing and developing talent. You’re suited to supportive roles, such as a teacher, counselor, manager, and coach. Your career niche is in human resources and technical support.


Both your upper and lower lips peak at a central point in a diamond shape.

Interpretation – You shine, sister! Your personality is dazzling. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and so are you. You’re successful and accomplished, taking pride in all you do. You enjoy helping others achieve their dreams. Your professional forte is mentoring. You’ll make a great tutor.


Your lip pattern is rectangular, without any curves.

Interpretation – You’re a stellar problem-solver. You’re the anchor in a storm, sought out for answers to dilemmas. You’re a skillful negotiator, adept at maintaining peace. You’ll be a superb arbitrator, mediator, legal administrator, human resources specialist, and a vendor manager.


Your lips touch, with little space between them.

Interpretation – You’re a person of your word. Once you make up your mind, there’s nothing that can change it! You always finish what you start. This ability makes you a respected resource planner, accountant, lawyer, and project manager.

Open Corner

When the sides or corners of the lip print are open or not touching. This means you're easily bored or like to keep busy. You always need to find something for your inquisitive mind to do!

Full Lower Lip

You're benevolent and will give easily to others. You're also good at expressing yourself. You can be good at one or more of the following: teaching, speaking, performing, writing or simply sharing your ideas. You're also often good with children and/or animals.

Stressed Lip Print

The stress lines are the ones that go from the inside of the lip print outward (where the lips come together). Stress lines on the top inside of the lip print represent things you are talking about but haven’t resolved. Stress lines on the bottom inside of the lip print represent those things you are not talking about and probably should be.

Overwhelmed Lip Print

When there is a dark outline to the lip print, this is an indication that you're overwhelmed with both your public and private lives. You're a Ms. or Mr. Stretch, meaning you have too much on your plate and need to remove some things before moving on to the next project. Overwhelming feelings can lead to many types of stress-related health issues.

Ghost Lip Print

No matter how much lipstick you put on your lips, the print just isn't very dark. This means you're really tired and that you need a break – and fast! You're pretty much out of energy, don’t have much to give and need to recharge your batteries. Time for a holiday before your body says no more!

So what are you waiting for now?? Go check your lip type and see for yourself!!


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