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Whether you have a cold or rash or upset stomach, immediate relief may be sitting in your kitchen shelf! True, many of the natural remedies have stuck around for generations because they actually work and is available right in your kitchen.


EHC takes a trip to the kitchen tying to find remedies for your aches and pains. We are sure to surprise you.

Ginger for Muscle Pain

When Danish researchers asked achy people to jazz up their diets with ginger, it eased muscle and joint pain, swelling and stiffness for up to 63 percent of them within two months. The credit goes to ginger’s potent compounds called gingerols, which prevent the production of pain-triggering hormones. Add at least 1 teaspoon of dried ginger or 2 teaspoons of chopped ginger to meals daily.

Cloves for Toothache

Gently chewing on a clove can ease tooth pain and gum inflammation for two hours straight. Experts point to a natural compound in cloves called eugenol, a powerful, natural anesthetic. Sprinkling a ¼ teaspoon of ground cloves on meals daily may also protect your ticker. Scientists say this simple action helps stabilize blood sugar, plus dampen production of artery-clogging cholesterol in as little as three weeks.


Cider Vinegar for Heartburn

Sip 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water before every meal, and experts say you could shut down painful bouts of heartburn in as little as 24 hours. Cider vinegar is rich in malic and tartaric acids, powerful digestive aids that speed the breakdown of fats and proteins so your stomach can empty quickly, before food washes up into the esophagus, triggering heartburn pain.

Garlic for Earache

Just place two drops of warm garlic oil into your aching ear twice daily for five days. This simple treatment can clear up ear infections faster than prescription meds. Scientists say garlic’s active ingredients (germanium, selenium, and sulfur compounds) are naturally toxic to dozens of different pain-causing bacteria. To whip up your own garlic oil gently simmer three cloves of crushed garlic in a half a cup of extra virgin olive oil for two minutes, strain, then refrigerate for up to two weeks. For an optimal experience, warm this mix slightly before using so the liquid will feel soothing in your ear canal.



Cherries for Joint Pain and Headache

If you struggle with arthritis, gout or chronic headaches, a daily bowl of cherries could ease your ache, without the stomach upset so often triggered by today’s painkillers. Research reveals that anthocyanins, the compounds that give cherries their brilliant red color, are anti-inflammatories 10 times stronger than ibuprofen and aspirin. Anthocyanins help shut down the powerful enzymes that kick-start tissue inflammation, so they can prevent, as well as treat, many different kinds of pain.

Yogurt to Prevent PMS

Up to 80 percent of women will struggle with premenstrual syndrome and its uncomfortable symptoms. Their nervous systems are sensitive to the ups and downs in estrogen and progesterone that occur naturally every month. But snacking on 2 cups of yogurt a day can slash these symptoms by 48 percent. Yogurt is rich in calcium, a mineral that naturally calms the nervous system, preventing painful symptoms even when hormones are in flux.

Turmeric for Chronic Pain

Studies show turmeric, a popular East Indian spice, is actually three times more effective at easing pain than aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen, plus it can help relieve chronic pain for 50 percent of people struggling with arthritis and even fibromyalgia. That is because turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, naturally shuts down cyclooxygenase 2, an enzyme that churns out a stream of pain-producing hormones. Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of this spice daily onto any rice, poultry, meat or vegetable dish.

Salt for Foot Pain

Regularly soaking ingrown nails in warm salt water baths can cure these painful infections within four days. The salt in the mix naturally nixes inflammation, plus it is anti-bacterial, so it quickly destroys the germs that cause swelling and pain. Just mix 1 teaspoon of salt into each cup of water, heat to the warmest temperature that you can comfortably stand, and then soak the affected foot area for 20 minutes twice daily, until your infection subsides.

Pineapple to Prevent Digestive Upsets

One cup of fresh pineapple daily can cut painful bloating within 72 hours. That is because pineapple is natually packed with proteolytic enzymes, digestive aids that help speed the breakdown of pain-causing proteins in the stomach and small intestine.

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Grapes for Backache

Recent studies suggest eating a heaping cup of grapes daily can relax tight blood vessels, significantly improving blood flow to damaged back tissues (and often within three hours of enjoying the first bowl). That is great news because your back’s vertebrae and shock-absorbing discs are completely dependent on nearby blood vessels to bring them healing nutrients and oxygen, so improving blood flow is essential for healing damaged back tissue.

Horseradish for Sinus Problems

Horseradish, the eye-watering condiment, naturally revs up blood flow to the sinus cavities, helping to open and drain clogged sinuses and heal sinus infections more quickly than decongestant sprays do. Use one teaspoon twice daily (either on its own, or used as a sandwich or meat topping) until symptoms clear.

Blueberries for Bladder Infections

Eating 1 cup of blueberries daily, whether you opt for them fresh, frozen or in juice form, can cut your risk of a urinary tract infection (UTIs) by 60 percent. That is because blueberries are loaded with tannins, plant compounds that wrap around problem-causing bacteria in the bladder, so they can’t get a toehold and create an infection.

Honey for Mouth Sores

Dab painful canker and cold sores with unpasteurized honey four times daily until these skin woes disappear, and they will heal 43 percent faster than if you use a prescription cream. Raw honey’s natural enzymes zap inflammation, destroy invading viruses and speed the healing of damaged tissues.

Tomato Juice for Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are caused by potassium deficiencies, which occur when this mineral is flushed out by diuretics, caffeinated beverages or heavy perspiration during exercise. But sip 10 ounces of potassium-rich tomato juice daily and you will not only speed your recovery, you will reduce your risk of painful cramp flare-ups in as little as 10 days.

It is true that almost all of your kitchen spices can be used as natural remedies. Culinary spices can be used as a safe and natural alternative to the synthetic drugs found in your medicine cabinet.  Spices can be used to treat problems ranging from headaches, gas, and diarrhea to high blood pressure and acute infections. May be your grandmother would be able to enlighten you more on this.


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