Watch your Weight as well as your Waist size to enjoy a Healthy life

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You know that people who are obese are more likely to fall prey to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 


You also know that to maintain a normal weight, either you should decrease the number of calories you take in or burn those extra calories through physical exercise.  But recent studies have shown that weight reduction alone doesn’t keep you away from type 2 diabetes or heart diseases. 

The studies found that even if you eat right, exercise daily, maintain a thinner body frame, but carry extra flab around your waist, you are still vulnerable to diabetes and heart diseases.


The study suggests that apart from your BMI, your waist size also determines your health.  Excess fat around your waist can have a negative impact on your health by putting you at risk for high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.  Smaller the waistline, bigger are the health benefits.

So start today, get hold of a tape measure and measure your waist size.  Do it like this; wrap the tape around your bare skin waist, just little above your belly button, and measure your waistline.  Care should be taken not to wrap the tape too tight or too loose around your waist.  


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If you are a man, a waistline of 37 – 40 inches is high risk, and if you are a woman, it is 32 – 35 inches.  Research have proven that people who carry flab around their abs undoubtedly will also have fat around their vital organs like kidney and liver which can lead to other serious disease conditions.


Apart from eating right, exercising regularly, and getting a restful 8 hours sleep, keeping your tummy size in control should be prioritized.  Do some high-intensity cardio exercises like running, jogging, swimming, or brisk walking, these exercises reduce overall fat and especially targets fat around your midsection. 

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Foods that contain high-trans fat increase “bad” cholesterol LDL and decrease “good” cholesterol HDL in your bloodstream.  It can lead to accumulation of fat around your midsection which can lead to diabetes and heart diseases.  Avoid diet high in trans fat like deep-fried foods, margarine, animal fat and dairy, sweetened beverages, junk foods, doughnuts, and microwave popcorn. Cutting off alcohol and smoking also helps.

NOTE:  Weight reduction in itself carries numerous health benefits, but if you add a thinner waist size to it,  the benefits double. 


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