Try these 10 home-made remedies to get a quick relief from your annoying toothache?

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Toothache or tooth pain is a throbbing, sharp, and dull pain, it is the most annoying pain which can remain constant or come and go. 


It affects both adults and children alike.   Tooth decay, gum infections, teeth grinding, or tooth fractures can lead to toothache.  Listed below are 10 home-remedies that can relieve you from toothache. 

Salt and warm water gargle

To a glass of water, add 1 tablespoon of salt, mix it well, and rinse your mouth with it.It reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation.


Use peppermint tea leaves as a pain ​reliever

Take a cup of water, add 1-2 teaspoons of dried peppermint tea leaves, boil it for 20 minutes and leave it to cool.Rinse your mouth with it, the tannins present in tea will have a numbing affect on the nerves and reduces the pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Salt and pepper toothpaste

Mix one part salt to one part black pepper powder, add little water and mix them well to make a paste, apply it directly to the infected tooth and leave it for 5 minutes.  The combination of salt and pepper with its antibacterial qualities provides you relief from pain.


eating garlic

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Garlic for an analgesic effect

Garlic provides you with relief from toothache due to its antibacterial and analgesic properties.  Take some garlic power, add some powdered rock salt, and apply it directly to the infected tooth to reduce the pain and swelling.

The natural painkiller – Cloves

Using cloves for toothache is an age old remedy.  Cloves can reduce tooth pain considerably as they possess antibacterial and antiinflammatory as well as analgesic properties. 

Applying clove oil directly to the infected teeth can bring you an instant relief from toothache.  Rinsing your mouth with a mixture of water and clove oil can provide relief from pain. 

Ginger – The instant pain reliever

Take some fresh ginger root, soak them in water, leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse your mouth with it, reduces your toothache and swelling.

Use onions to kill the pain

Onions are known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  Chewing raw onions produces juices which soothe the infected tooth and relieves you from pain and also swelling.   Applying raw onion directly to the infected tooth can also provide relief from pain.

guava leafs

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Use guava leaves to treat toothache

Chew few fresh guava leaves for a couple of minutes, the juice produced soothes the infected tooth and provides you relief from pain.  Also you can try this; take a bowl of water, add few fresh guava leaves, boil it, allow it to become warm, rinse your mouth with this warm preparation, it provides pain relief.

Use ice cube for pain relief

Take a small ice cube, wrap a thin cloth around it, and apply it to the infected tooth for about 10-15 minutes, it will numb the throbbing and painful nerves and gets you relief from the pain.  You can also apply it to your cheek area over the painful tooth for a quick relief.


Turmeric is known for its medicinal properties and other health benefits.  It is also a natural painkiller and possesses antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Mix some turmeric powder to a small amount of clean water to make a paste, apply it directly to the infected tooth.  Turmeric’s antibacterial properties will reduce the swelling as well as the pain.


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