Top 10-Foods to Keep Your Uric Acid Levels Low

uric acid foods

High levels of uric acid in the bloodstream can put you at risk for gout attacks.  Studies show that vegetable and animal-based foods high in purines can kick up the levels of uric acid in the body.


Beef, sugary foods, bacon, pork, organ meats, seafood, and vegetables like spinach, peas, and mushroom are high in purines.

What are Purines?  Purines occur naturally in vegetable and animal-based foods.  It gets converted to uric acid during digestion.  Kidneys help excrete uric acid, but high uric acid levels in the kidneys are associated with kidney stones, gout, and in extreme cases renal failure.  The standard normal level for uric acid in men is 3.4 to 7.0 mg/dL and 2.4 to 6.0 mg/dL for women.

Here are top 10-foods that helps neutralize or lower uric acid levels in your body.


Keep hydrated

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.   Water helps flush out excess uric acid along with toxins present in the body.  Water also keeps you hydrated.


Cherries contain bioflavonoids and anthocyanins pigments, which helps break down uric acid and prevent crystallization and deposition of uric acid in the joints.

lime juice for uric acid

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural source for vitamin C and citric acid.  It stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate which helps neutralize uric acid.  Drinking a glass of fresh lime juice helps prevent gout.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking apple cider vinegar stops uric acid crystallization.  It helps stops crystallization by breaking up uric acid.    To a cup of water add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and drink it twice daily to help prevents gout.

Celery seeds

Celery seeds

Rich in omega-6 fatty acids and diuretic oils, celery seeds is a good remedy for keeping uric acid levels under control.   Celery seeds’ diuretic effect stimulates increased urine output which helps to flush out uric acid and other toxins out of your body.

Green Tea

Green tea has catechins which is a natural phenol and antioxidant.   Drinking green tea helps prevent uric acid buildup in the bloodstream which leads to gout.

pinto beans

Pinto Beans

Pinto beans contain folic acid.  Folic acid is known to lower uric acid levels in the body.   Why not add this to your regular diet to prevent gout.

Vegetable Juice

Carrot, beetroot, and cucumber are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  Drinking a smoothie of 100 ml of beetroot and 100 ml of cucumber in 300 ml of carrot juice is a very effective mechanism against uric acid level buildup.

Uric acid apples


Apple contains malic acid, which helps prevent crystallization of uric acid.  Add an apple to your daily diet to keep yourself safe.

French Bean Juice

French bean is high in purines.  But contradictory to the finding, French bean juice is a good remedy for lowering uric acid.   Drinking a small cup of French bean juice extract in the early morning is good way to stop uric acid buildup.


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