The magic of aluminium foil you’ve never been told

aluminum foil

The name “aluminium foil” immediately brings to your mind the picture of a shiny wrapper that is used for keeping food hot or cold.  


But did you ever know that this kitchen mate of yours carried the power to relieve you from your neck, leg, back, and joint pains as well as fatigue, burns, and even postoperative scars.  Read on for more information on the use of aluminium foil to alleviate pains and aches.


Burns to the body are usually caused by fire, hot oil or hot water, steam, or any other corrosive substances.  Aluminium foil can be effectively used to alleviate the pain caused by burns.


How to treat burns with aluminium foils?

In case of a burn, hold the affected burn area under cold running water for few minutes, then dry the area, apply ointment, and cover it with sterile gauze.  Place aluminium foil over the sterile gauze, wrap it with a bandage, and let the foil remain there intact until the pain disappears.

Fatigue and Insomnia

Aluminium foil can be used as a reenergizer to give you a fresh look even after a sleepless night.

How to treat fatigue and insomnia using aluminium foil?

Cut aluminium foil into pieces and store them away in a freezer for few hours.  Take those frozen pieces and place them on the fatigue affected areas like eyelids, face, and cheeks and leave it there for sometime.  You will notice a feeling of your facial muscles being relaxed and reenergized to give you a fresh and vibrant look.

Flu and Cold

If you think aluminium foil can only treat pains and aches, then you are wrong.  Aluminium foil can be used to treat flu and cold and that too without any side effects.


aluminium foil room

How to treat flu and cold?

Wrap your feet with 6-7 layers of aluminium foil and also do not forget to place some cotton in between the layers.  Once this is done, let the wrapped area stay intact for an hour or so, then remove the wrap.  Again after two hours, rewrap the affected area with new aluminium foil and leave it for another one more hour, unwrap and then again rewrap for the third time after two hours.  Repeat the process for at least 4-5 days to get significant relief from flu and cold.

Amputation pain (Phantom pain)

A study conducted by the The British Journal of Pain showed that amputees who used aluminium foils had a greater relief in their pains compared to those who never used aluminium foils.

How to relieve phantom pain with aluminium foil?

Wrap aluminum foil over the amputated area, fasten it with a tape, and leave it there and remove it once the pain disappears.  Repeat it if need be but with new aluminium foil.

Aluminium foil:  Which side is the best side to use?

There are two sides to an aluminium foil, matte and shiny.  You can use both the sides as both the sides are equally effective in alleviating pains.


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