Red Wine – Drink its Health Benefits

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Extensive studies have gone in to prove that low-to-moderate red wine consumption keeps your heart healthy, depression at bay, and also prevents the onset of certain types of cancer. 


EHC brings to you all a report on the health benefits of low-to-moderate red wine consumption.

Keeps your heart healthy

The polyphenols resveratrol and flavonoids present in red wine helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol.  Resveratrol, a primary ingredient in red wine, protects the lining of blood vessels in your heart to prevent clots and lower the risk for stroke.


Keeps cancer away

Studies reveals resveratrol present in red wine possess anti-cancer properties which suppress the growth of cancer cells.  A low-to-moderate red wine consumption every day can reduce bowel cancer by 50%. 

It can also reduce the risk for breast cancer in women and also prostate cancer in men.  More clinical trials are being carried out to confirm resveratrol’s effectiveness against cancer. A word of caution is that excess consumption of red wine can lead to other forms of cancer, so be careful with the amount of red wine intake.


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Keeps you young

Research suggests that red wine’s anti-aging properties slows aging and keeps you looking young and radiant.   The polyphenol resveratrol present in red wine prevents free radicals from causing age-related diseases.

Keeps your skin healthy

The antioxidants present in red wine prevent the early onset of fine lines and wrinkles, thus keeping your skin smooth and healthy.  Apart from this, it also keeps your bones strong.

Keeps your memory sharp

A low-to-moderate red wine consumption protects you from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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Keeps you smiling

Polyphenols like flavonoids and resveratrol can prevent diseases of the gum, keeps enamel strong, prevents tooth decay, prevents gum inflammation, and keeps your teeth sparkling white.

Remember:  You derive the above said health benefits if you consume low-to-moderate amount of red wine.  If you have diabetes, heart disease, or any other chronic illnesses, it is a must that you consult your doctor before you start consuming red wine.    


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