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Postures to Boost Your Emotional Intimacy

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Some studies suggest that having more sensual life can help you improve your happy life too.

Of course with the same partner! Your partner is more likely to feel that connection and fall in intimacy all over again if you make the intimate scenes more interesting. So, to add that extra spark in the bedroom, try out these intimacy boosting tips and see your relationship grow stronger than ever.


Touch your partner as often as possible in non-sensual ways, without clinging or hanging on him. Generally, men do not like you to hang on them, or drape yourself around him when in public or in private. That doesn’t mean men don’t want to be touched. Instead, try walking by him and patting him on the rear end.

When you walk past his chair, run your fingers through his hair on the way to the bathroom. When you sit at the dinner table, give his hand a little squeeze before you set down. Brush your hand over his shoulder when walking past. Give him a shoulder rub or rub his temples if he is tired. Touch him as frequently as you can but be sure to do it in a very subdued and non-aggressive way. It takes time, so be patient, but the power of touch is amazing.

More Time Together

This doesn’t mean hang all over him or just be in the house together. This means actually making the time to take the time to spend time together. This means finding some time, every day, to spend time with your partner, and just your partner. No telephone, no computer, no television. This can be 15 minutes talking before bedtime, going out to dinner together, or better yet, cooking dinner together and eating at the table and not in front of the television while doing other things.

Let Him Know You’re Thinking of Him

The trick here is to let him know you are thinking about him without making him think you’re checking up on him or being clingy. Leave him a note in his briefcase before he goes to work, or his lunch if he takes a lunch, and make it humorous or sensual. Leave him a sensual voice mail message or send him a sports gift basket or a coffee and candy basket or mug for a gift while he is at work.

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Ask for What You Need

If something is missing for you, then you have the right and even the obligation to ask for your needs. This doesn’t mean drop hints and then seethe silently when he doesn’t recognize them. You simply need to sit him down and tell him what you need. Don’t make it a request or a suggestion, but rather, let him know this is a need you have for the relationship. Nothing increases intimacy more than communication and open honesty without acc-usation.

Moving to a different level, certain positions facilitate higher levels of emotional intimacy. These postures allow a couple to go beyond their sensory experience, intensifying the intimacy of their encounters and imbuing them with emotional meaning. Eye contact, kissing, caresses, trusting, watching – all these activities complements to the physical experience and these positions promote that beautiful, emotional connection. EHC brings you some intimate posture you may try to hot up your life.

Lie on his lap

Lie down on his thighs with your back on his thighs. Put your legs over his shoulders and let him have a closer look at you. Ask him to enter you slowly while touching you wherever he pleases. More than anything, the surprise of this position will turn him on like never before.

Face away

Let your man sit on a chair and rest his back. Sit on his lap but don’t face him. Keep your legs on the ground as you rock his world up and down. The best part about this posture is that you will both have your hands free to discover each other’s bodies and use every sensitive part.

The slow climb

Keep a pillow under your back and lift your hips and legs towards your shoulders. It stimulates the main sensual G-point and making feelings becomes so much more exiting In this position, you tend to feel more. Ask your partner to slowly mount you and enter organ .Be ready for the best climax pleasure of your life.


One of the most sweaty and intimate sensual posture, this posture requires you to sit on your partner’s lap facing him. Your partner needs to be seated for the same. Hold each tight and move rhythmically for the best climax pleasure ever.


Let your guy sit on the ground with his knees touching the ground.  Face him in a 90 degree angle and put all your weight on your arms as you let your guy ease into you. Put all your weight on your calves and your arms and see the magic unfold as your man starts to move.

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Woman on up

A man lying down with the woman on up can be a sensual position for both of them, which in itself can create emotional intimacy. He must rely on her decisions, while she is bared and exposed for his perusal. This posture  is ideal for lots of touching and intimate caresses.

E-n-h-a-n-c-e-d   M-i-s-s-i-o-n-a-r-y

This posture is already intimate, with faces close and full-body contact. To enhance the emotional intimacy, the man can hold the woman’s back or move his legs to the outside of hers to more fully envelop her body. And if a couple is so inclined, this posture also offers a good approach for sensual activity by retaining face-to-face emotional intimacy.


Although there is no eye contact in this posture that creates intense emotional connectedness as the man protectively touch the woman with his entire body. It’s also a wonderful position for touching, squeezing, rubbing—and even hand-holding, which can be incredibly intimate during play.

The d-r-a-g-o-n

Lie on your stomach and spread your legs. Place a pillow under your tummy and let your man lie on you. Ask him to stretch his body as he lies on top of you. This posture requires slow and rhythmic, circular motions rather than the usual faster movements.


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