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Palmistry – Unlocking Palm Mysteries


Palmistry is also known as palm reading or chiromancy. It allows you to learn about a person by reading the lines and other features on the hands.


The history of palmistry can be traced back many years to Aristotle and ancient Greece but many people believe that it originated in the country of India. Valmiki, a Hindu sage, is said to have written about palm reading several thousands of years ago from India.

There are four major palm lines – the heart line, head line, life line, and fate line. The various lines in the palms will end up telling you things about an individual’s love life, their mind and how it works, their career paths, successes, and even some of the challenges they may have or will encounter.

There are thousands of distinctive palm shapes, and this video teaches you how to read different hand shapes and lines. Go ahead and unlock the secrets of palm reading.




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