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From sweet melon shades to rich fuchsia hues, from pointed to square, your nail styles magnify your personality. Many of us spend so much time trimming, shaping, buffing, and painting nails so that they have become a huge part of your fashion statement.


Though nail trends come and go, we often stick to our favorite shape without a second thought. Read on to find out what our favored nail shape and colors say about us.


This is a classic shape. It says that you have worked the same style for some time and you most likely stuck with the same manicurist for years. You favor timeless over trend-based pieces and you like your nails to take a backseat to your sartorial choices. This can be used to make hands that are a little bigger look smaller, as it directs the eye down the natural contour of the finger. The round shape suits most nail types and is the perfect base for trying out new shades and textures.



You are probably the type of person who doesn’t mind trying loud colors or exploring nail art. Your style runs the same course, with experimental or statement pieces. The key is to avoid making nails look shorter, which is what this shape tends to do. Try filing the sides of nails to keep this look long and elegant, not stunted.

Very Short

You like simplicity and your style is the same. You like tailored pieces or loose T-shirts and your dream wardrobe isn’t that dissimilar to your boyfriend or husband, except for the occasional heels. This nail shape is best finished with an oval or rounded tip. A square shape will make your nails look even shorter.


You don’t shy from the spotlight, so that is why many celebrities prefer the same style. If you are matching this with a simple evening look, you are on the right track. Avoid dark colors like black and semi-black purples and reds. Think haute, rather than Halloween.


A diluted version of the pointed nail, this is for those with modern taste. Quality is important to you, and you won’t go for anything that looks dated or vintage. This softer version of the stiletto has a future-classic appeal that suits you perfectly. Don’t grow nails longer than a centimeter past your finger tip or you will be treading close to tacky.

coloring nails


Nail Polish Colors

Red: Confident. Nothing beats this classic hue, especially if you are feeling on top of the world. Not only does it exude strength, but it also gives off a flirty vibe.

Yellow: Cheerful. If you choose this for your tips, you are definitely not afraid of standing out. Not only is it the first color the human eye notices, but it evokes happiness and energy.

Green: Charitable. Don't be surprised if your friends seek you out for your advice and soothing personality. The opposite of red, this hue often represents safety and healing.

Orange: Outgoing. You are the social butterfly of your group and love being around others if this is your go-to shade. Just go lighter (think tangerine) during the warmer months for a cool twist.

Blue: Reliable. Only the really true-blue opt for this color, which is associated with depth and stability.

White: Reflective. Crisp and clean, it represents new beginnings. Whether you are buying a new home, starting a new job, or just going on a vacation, the blank canvas leaves you open for endless possibilities.

Purple: Spiritual. A mixture of red and blue, this color whispers tranquility and spirituality. Paint on a few coats of violet when you are ready to embrace your higher power.

Pink: Real girlish. You are a girly-girl at heart. Back in the day you blew all your allowance on stickers, but now you will spend your bucks on some pampering.

Peach: You live in the moment. This punchy pastel is prime for play dates and parties.

Metallic: You are strong. You are looking to make a statement as bold as your personality. Opt for a liquid metal. This indicates that nothing much rattles you.


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