Lose A Pound A Day

weight loss a day

Many ways may be suggested to lose weight, but here is something real easy & effective to lose one pound a day.



Water is one of the most effective components in weight loss. If you drink 4 to 5 liters of water per day, it will cut off your belly fat most effectively. Water is very good for your health and skin.


A 45-minute jog daily can help lose one pound a day because you will burn 3500 calories by jogging for 45 minutes. Early morning is the best time for jogging.


Beans and Legumes

Beans like black beans, lentils, kidney beans, etc, are very high in fiber and protein, which are two nutrients that help you to lose your belly fat.

lime with honey

Lemon Juice with Honey

Lemon juice with honey is an effective mix to lose your extra belly fat. Mix half teaspoon of lemon juice in water, add one teaspoon of honey and some salt. The best time to drink this mixture is early morning.

Whole Grains

Whole grains like oats, brown rice and quinoa are full of fiber and contain lot of protein as well. These help us lose weight.

Keep in your mind that improperly refined grains and many foods that are labeled to have whole grains are highly treated junk foods that can be harmful and fattening.

eating less portion

Eat Lesser Portions

Eating lesser portions is the trick to lose your weight. Take smaller plate. Focus on eating vegetables and meats rather than rice, potatoes, and pastas.

Eat Proper Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This does not mean heaping up on the bacon and going for some extra pancakes. A breakfast totally filled with protein will help to start your day in the right way. Eating a proper breakfast will control your hunger over the whole day and will keep you confident to eat healthy food whole day.

timely sleep


When you are tired you will eat more. Likewise, people who are sleep-deprived tend to have a bigger hunger. It is very difficult for a tired brain to control when it comes to impulses. Therefore, getting proper sleep at night will keep you from craving foods that are not good for your health.

Count Calories

Learn to count calories. Setting a calorie limit for every day will help you achieve your goal. It will also limit the quantities of junk food you eat every day. Ultimately, eating healthy won’t be a task and you will know what you can eat and what you cannot.

Eating healthy and eating in moderation are the key to good health and optimum weight. A healthy lifestyle gives us a healthy mind and body.

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