Juice therapy for detoxification of liver

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A Healthy Liver Through detoxification with the help of Juice Fasting Therapy

A healthy liver can be achieved through detoxification. Juice fasting is a way to “fast-track” liver detox or detoxification. It is one of the quickest ways to increase elimination of toxins and enhance the healing process of the liver, and the body.


What is a Juice Fast?

Juice fasting is a method of treatment of disease through an exclusive diet of juices of fruits and vegetables. It is the most effective way to restore health and rejuvenate the body. An exclusive diet of raw juices of fruits and vegetables results in much faster recovery from diseases and more effective cleansing and regeneration of the tissues than the fasting on pure water.

As juices are extracted from plants and fruits, they process definite medicinal properties. Specific juices are beneficial in specific conditions. Besides specific medicinal virtues, raw fruit and vegetable juices have an extraordinary revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on all the organs, glands and functions of the body.


Why juice and what types of juice?

When you juice your fruits and vegetables, you remove the fiber and drink only the liquid which contains the organic hydration, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes from the plant food. Although you do need fiber in your diet, going for a certain period of time without it will give your body a chance to spend less energy on digestion.

Around 70% of your energy every day is spent on digestion alone, so when you are eating 3 meals a day plus snacks, you are rarely giving your body a chance to direct energy to deeply cleansing the body and drawing up old acidic waste that is likely causing a whole host of symptoms.

If you suffer from headaches, constipation, diarrhea, skin troubles, fatigue, irritability, excess weight, bloating or any other number of symptoms, your body needs some help to cleanse. The intelligent application of fasting is a brilliant way of helping you to do this.

Enjoy plenty of fresh vegetable juices, particularly green vegetable juices (see recipe below), with a touch of fruit to sweeten the juice and ensure it is still delicious. You can also use sweeter vegetable such as carrot, beetroot and bell pepper to add sweetness.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that at least half of your juices when fasting are green vegetable based juices, and then use other juices for fun and variety. Be particularly careful not to overdo fresh fruit juices as they will send your sugar levels out of balance and feed yeast if over consumed.
Low sugar fruit juices are a better option. Fresh grapefruit juice alone is divine, green apples add sweetness to any juice, and berries add a whole new indulgent flavor. Use lemons and limes in everything if you like! They are brilliant alkalizers and extremely low in sugar.

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How to ensure your fast is beneficial

When you fast, your body is using all that time normally spent on digestion to clean up your cells and draw up old toxic matter. When this toxic matter is drawn up, it is looking for a way out of your body. For your fast to leave you cleaner celled and feeling better, you have to ensure that toxic matter actually leaves your body.

You will know this matter has left your body because you will see it and feel it coming out, particularly though your bowel! You might also see it in your skin and through your sweat, and in excess mucus build up in your mouth and nose, but your bowel is going to play the biggest role in dumping that old toxic waste out – literally!

However, the vast majority of people who fast don’t have natural bowel eliminations. If this si the case for you, colon cleansing is truly a must!

If you fast but your bowels aren’t moving, where do you think that toxicity is going? That’s right – nowhere! It’s going to stay inside you and your body will be in exactly the same state as it was before your fast. That is not a beneficial fast!

Favorable Effects

The favorable effect of raw juices in the treatment of disease is attributed to the following facts. Raw juices of fruits and vegetables are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and natural sugars. They exercise beneficial effect in normalizing all the body functions. They supply needed elements for the body’s own healing activity and cell regeneration, thereby speeding the recovery.

  1. The juices extracted from raw fruits and vegetables require no digestion and almost all their vital nutrientsare assimilated directly in the bloodstream.
  2. Raw juices are extremely rich in alkaline elements. This is highly beneficial in normalizing acid-alkalinebalance in the blood and tissues as there is over-acidity in most conditions of ill-health.
  3. Generous amounts of easily absorbed organic minerals in raw juices especially calcium, potassium and silicon help in restoring biochemical and mineral balance in the tissues and cells, thereby preventing premature aging of cells and disease.
  4. Raw juices contain certain natural medicines, vegetal hormones and antibiotics. For instance, string beans are said to contain insulin-like substance. Certain hormones needed by the pancreas to produce insulin are present in cucumber and onion juices. Fresh juices of garlic, onions, radish and tomatoes contain antibiotic substances.


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