How to Lose Facial Weight

facial weight

After certain age group, there comes a time when the chubby face is no longer desirable. At times even people with perfectly trim bodies tend to put on facial fat.


Some of the reasons are dehydration, anemia, alcoholism, kidney disorders, lack of nutrition, and allergic response. Some human bodies tend to retain water which can give rise to facial fat.

Losing weight from entire body accompanied by some facial exercises can help give shape to the face. Before embarking upon any diet or exercise regimen for losing weight in your face, it is important to check out the aforementioned conditions of kidney disorders, allergic response, and that of dehydration. Do bear in mind that some more physiological anomalies including edema, sinusitis, dental/gum infection, mumps and swelling of parotid glands may add to the bulge of face. So, check with your doctor before you decide to lose it.


EHC brings you some of the ways to give a slim look to your face and get rid of that double chin too.

Drink water: This will make sure that the body is hydrated and it also removes harmful toxins from the body. Bloated look on the face can be the result of dehydration hence thinner look of face is only possible with proper hydration of face.

Reduce fat in diet: It is suggested to cook homemade meals rather than going with food prepared outside. Certain changes like eating lesser soda or sweet is known to have huge effect on the calories consumed into the body, also avoid eating just before going to bed and ensure that too much salt is not sent into the body which will hold back the water giving a puffy look to the face.

Do not miss breakfast: Start the day with a healthy breakfast which will ensure that metabolism will work at harder rate burning away all the calories which are taken in for entire day. Choose whole grains and fruits which will provide energy adding much lesser fat to the body.

No alcohol: Alcohol also is said to bloat the face hence distance has to be kept from body to alcohol.

Loads of fruits: Fruits also are said to be full of water which will give the feeling of being full ultimately helping in not gaining additional weight for the body.

Calcium intake: Calcium is said to help in weight loss, hence go with foods which are rich in calcium that makes sure that water is not retained in the body lessening face bloating.

Exercise: Physical activities are to planned which will need a target specified that includes losing weight in general that is sure to make body slimmer for which it is necessary to go with 30 minutes of exercise daily like jogging, sports, etc. When the body starts losing weight, it starts with slimming of face and chin before changes are noticed from any other parts in the body.

Keep smiling: Smiling frequently is also said to lessen the size of chubby cheeks since it is said to help in exercising the face muscles. Facial activity is said to help in losing face fat at the same time it is said to tone up shape of the face with the help of proper diet and exercise. Exercise which includes smiling is said to tighten the cheeks for which teeth have to be clenched while smiling.

Sleep well: Lack of proper sleep for the body is going to hinder the proper functioning of endocrine system which keeps account of how much fat is stored and how much muscle is left in the body.

Lifestyle changes: Round face can look even rounder if wrong hairstyle is used, consult hairstylist who is the best choice to help in giving slimmer look to the face.


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More Dietary Measures

Excess intake of fat and that of refined carbohydrates, lead to the puffiness of face. The same is true of uncooked salt. In order to add to your facial glow and that of trim, insist on diet rich in vitamin and minerals. Emphasis should be given on the inclusion of dietary resources rich in vitamin C apart from those enriched with beta carotene. Besides quenching your hunger with salads and greens, go all out to feast on juicy fruits of varying kinds. Three to four helpings of fruits and veggies must be insisted on. Instead of opting for caffeinated beverages, go either for organic green tea with dash of lemon and ginger or water enriched with juices of lemon. Keeping your system well hydrated with juices and water is one of the effective dietary measures for losing facial fat. But make sure that you avoid aerated drinks or those with artificial sweetening.

Body tends to retain water, when the water intake is insufficient. Face is most vulnerable to this water retention, giving way to puffiness. So increasing the water consumption is of paramount importance when it comes to losing the facial puffiness. Ensure that water/juice measuring nine ounces is consumed eight to nine times. Similar to containing the intake of artificially sweetened beverages, it is important to do away with alcohol. Besides dehydrating your body, it also serves to add to your calories. Toned or double toned dairy products including milk, unsweetened curd and cottage cheese can be a part of the dietary measure for losing facial fat. Calcium-rich foods like spinach, broccoli, and sesame seeds help reduce water retention and thereby reducing facial puffiness.


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